Breed Review: Neva Masquerade (17 Pics)

The Neva Masquerade Cat is a beautiful and noble animal, famous for its luxurious “fur coat”. She is distinguished by cheerfulness, quick-wittedness, curiosity, very affectionate and friendly.

#1 The Neva Masquerade cat captivates with its aristocratic beauty and good manners, and her loyal and tender attitude towards the owners is incredibly touching.

The character of this cute animal combines playfulness and restraint, sociability and the absence of any importunity, curiosity and delicacy, kindness, and willingness to fight back in case of danger. The cat retains its mobility, curiosity, agility, and incredible grace even in old age.

#2 Neva Masquerade is a cat breed that domestic breeders began to breed in the 80s of the last century. It is known for sure that the leading role in the formation of the breed belongs to Siberian cats.

About who of the representatives of the feline is "responsible" for their color-point color is still debated. According to one version, the color was inherited by the Neva Masquerade from Persian point cats, according to another version, the new breed is the result of the arbitrary crossing of Siberian heroes with their Siamese relatives.

#3 Neva Masquerade is a large and strong cat, whose elegant appearance delights.

Neva Masquerade Cats have a very representative and self-confident appearance, which is not surprising because their weight is sometimes 10 kg. The cats, whose weight, as a rule, does not exceed 6 kg, look graceful and are distinguished by pronounced noble manners.

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