Breed Review: Norwich Terrier (19 Pics)

The Norwich Terrier is a stocky “gentleman” from Great Britain with a balanced character and dizzying charisma. Under a nondescript-looking “fur coat” there is a self-confident personality, which is distinguished by a flexible mind and rare ingenuity. Like most terriers, this breed is renowned for its friendliness and sociability, which makes them ideal companions. It doesn’t matter who the owner of the animal turns out to be – a stern biker or an artist with a quivering soul – the Norwich Terrier will find the key to his heart and stay there forever!

#1 The homeland of dogs is the region of East England, located north of the capital of the country.

Here is the county of Norfolk, in the main city of which - Norwich - and these funny creatures were first seen. The similarity of Yorkshire terriers with "Norwich" is not accidental: the latter descended from English terriers; those, in turn, were bred from Irish and Yorkshire terriers. Speaking about the origin of brave babies, one cannot fail to mention the related Norfolk Terriers. Previously, these breeds were not divided, since the only distinguishing feature of dogs was the shape of the ears.

#2 For a long time, terriers participated in a rich breeding program along with representatives of burrowing dog breeds.

Then the lively crumbs got their first name - rags. Translated from English, the word rag means "piece, rag". Probably, the reason for such an unpoetic name was the shaggy hair of animals. Indeed, if the dog's fur coat was not tidied up for a long time, it fell off in sloppy shreds.

#3 The next name of the breed turned out to be more presentable and glorified animals throughout England as skillful rodent hunters.

Norwich Terriers were nicknamed rattlers (from the word rat - "rat"). Despite their modest size and friendly disposition, the dogs successfully coped with the extermination of intruders who raided barns and warehouses. The British increasingly wanted to acquire a charming hunter. With this desire, the popularization of the breed began on the territory of the country, and in the future - throughout the world. In the 1880s. these terriers became the unofficial mascot of the University of Cambridge. The puppies made a splash among the students, who lined up for the trendy pet. This is how the unofficial name appeared - the Cambridge Terrier.

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