Breed Review: Puli Dog (19 Pics)

If you have ever been to the Hungarian Carpathians, where flocks of black-headed sheep graze in vast meadows, you must have noticed small black shepherd dogs, similar to a tousled rope mop. These are Puli dogs – the national Hungarian breed and the pride of the country.

It is still not known exactly how the ancestors of the Puli dog got to the Magyar country, but most scientists are inclined to believe that these small dogs arrived in Europe with trade caravans in the early Middle Ages and their homeland in Tibet. Since ancient times, shepherd dogs have lived there, covered with shaggy hair, which has fallen into dreadlocks, as archaeological finds unequivocally indicate.

#1 In Hungary, Puli dogs are used to this day both as shepherds and as hunters – they do an excellent job with the duties of gun dogs, and interest in them has not waned for many centuries.

However, like many other breeds, bullets survived a crisis in the twentieth century, when the number of pastures in the country was greatly reduced, and the services of shaggy shepherds began to be needed less and less, but through the efforts of Hungarian breeders, the breed was revived in order to again win a place in the hearts of people all over the world, but not only as a working dog (although bullets began to be used even in the police) but also as a friend of the family. Smaller varieties were bred: small and decorative.

#2 Especially fond of these dogs in America

Moreover, not only due to their cheerful character and docile disposition but also to their original appearance: their shaggy black dress resemble Rastafarian hairstyles.

#3 Medium in size, very robust dog, which is difficult to confuse with any other breed due to its characteristic coat.

It is very difficult to determine the outlines of her body and even the shape of her muzzle by eye because she is completely hidden by long dreadlocks. However, the bullet's head has a graceful structure with a slight transition from forehead to nose, the eyes are slightly slanted with a cheerful and friendly expression. Hanging ears.

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