Breed Review: Schipperke (19 Pics)

Schipperke is the smallest shepherd dog bred in the Flemish region of Belgium to hunt river rats and mice. Distinctive features of the breed: black color, lush “collar” on the neck, temperament.

#1 Schipperke is a rather rare breed of dog, which not many have even heard of.

Schipperke's photos touch almost everyone - it's hard to imagine more touching and clever faces.

#2 Pointed miniature ears and spectacular puffs of fur around the neck and thighs make it possible to suspect Spitz relatives in the shipper.

At the same time, dog handlers assure that representatives of both families do not have common genes and never have. The closest ancestors of the miniature "Flemings" are the Belgian Shepherds and Leuvenars, an extinct breed of small black dogs, bred in the province of Brabant in the 15th century.

#3 Thanks to their outstanding talent for thinking, Schipperkes had already become famous and demanded pets among the Belgians by the 17th century.

Keeping dogs capable of repelling rodents, the townspeople were forced by the harsh reality: during the Senna flood, hordes of rats attacked the houses and food supplies of residents. Brussels artisans and sailors especially respected little shepherd dogs, so representatives of this brave family could be met with equal success in a seedy tavern and on a river barge.

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