Breed Review: Siamese Cat (17 Pics)

For decades, the Siamese cat had a special status in its homeland and could only belong to members of the royal family or high-ranking priests. Having moved from Asia to the West, graceful creatures with an unusual color and bright blue eyes quickly won the hearts of many influential and popular people: politicians, actors, writers, musicians.

#1 Documentary evidence of the existence of a particular breed can not always accurately report its age.

After all, after the appearance of writing, the first chronicles were made on fragile natural materials: tree bark, papyrus, palm leaves. Of course, these scrolls collapsed over time.

#2 Sometimes they managed to make “lists” from them, that is, manually created copies, to which changes and additions were often made.

Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly when the original of the scientific treatise "Tamra Maew" was written - a poetic description of various cats that lived in the territory of modern Thailand. According to hypotheses, this happened during the existence of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya), that is, between 1351 and 1767. However, the copies of the poem that have survived to this day, which is in the royal Buddhist temple of Wat Bovon in Bangkok and the British Library in London, date from the middle of the 19th century.

#3 Be that as it may, on sheets of ancient paper made from the bark of the Thai variety of the silk tree, 23 cats of different breeds are depicted.

Six of them, according to the author, bring misfortune to a person, and the rest help to attract good luck. Among the latter, Wichienmaat stands out - a proportionally folded white cat with dark hair on its face, ears, paws, and tail.

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