Dogs Sleeping Positions: Meaning

In the land of dreams: when four-legged friends are dog-tired, they can relax in various ways. Whether on the stomach, on the side, or on the back – all sleeping positions of the dogs have a meaning. This article gets to the bottom of the various positions when slumbering and reveals what is behind them.

Healthy sleep is important for dogs. Depending on their age and nature, four-legged friends can doze for up to 20 hours a day. However, the way they snooze varies from dog to dog. The sleeping positions of the dogs not only reveal what their current state of mind looks like. They also say interesting things about their personality. Take a closer look at your furry friend the next time they take a nap – which position they choose will bring exciting insights.

Dog Positions Meaning: Your Dog Sleeps on Its Side

Pure relaxation: the dog lies on its side and has all limbs stretched out. This sleeping position is common. It is a good sign: if the dog is resting on its side, it means that it is completely relaxed and happy. In addition, this position indicates a self-confident four-legged friend. The REM phase often takes place in the lateral position. Therefore, it happens that the four-legged friend whimpers while sleeping, wriggles his legs, or even barks from himself.

Dog Sleeping Position Meaning: Dog Sleeps Curled Up Like a Fox

The desire for warmth: When your four-legged friend sleeps curled up, it may be a little cold. Dog owners can make sure that the dog is protected from unpleasant drafts. Dogs with a short coat and petite builds, such as the Italian Greyhound or Chihuahuas, are particularly sensitive to the cold. Most prefer a blanket when sleeping, or even better: the body heat of their person. The sleeping position – also called “the fox” – also has another meaning. This protects the dog’s stomach and neck and experiences the greatest safety when sleeping. Therefore, this sleeping position can also indicate an insecure dog.

Dog Sleeping on Back – Full of Confidence

Does the dog lie relaxed on its back with its legs stretched out in the air? It is a good sign if your dog sleeps on its back! The location means that he trusts you and feels perfectly safe and secure. Here his most sensitive parts of the body (stomach and neck) are exposed. In a safe home, self-confident four-legged friends do not feel the need to protect their bodies from dangers while they sleep.

Dog Sleeping Positions Meaning: On the Stomach – a Little Nap

I’m ready! When a dog sleeps on its stomach, it is ready for action as quickly as possible. The sleeping position on the stomach is a sign that the four-legged friend is only resting for a short time. A nap after a walk or while visiting friends could look like this. In contrast to lying on your back, sleeping on your stomach is not a sign of deep relaxation. It can mean that the environment is too restless and the four-legged friend cannot find any relaxation.

Sleeping Position of Dogs: Superman Position

The dogs’ sleeping positions are versatile! In the cute “Superman” position, the stomach lies flat on the floor and all limbs are stretched out. This pose demonstrates: I feel very good, but I am ready for action just in case! From this position, the dog can quickly get back on all fours and usually does not sleep soundly. The prone position can often be observed in puppies or four-legged friends that are restless.

Dogs Sleeping Positions – Please, Do Not Disturb!

“Sleeping dogs shouldn’t be woken up!” – this phrase is absolutely true. Disturbing a dog in the middle of deep sleep can trigger aggressive behavior. In addition, lack of sleep leads to more illnesses in the long term, as the immune system is weakened. Four-legged friends need a lot of rest and sleep. As a dog owner, it is important to ensure that the area around the sleeping area offers a relaxed atmosphere and that there is enough space for the dog. But don’t worry: There is nothing wrong with lovingly observing the slumbering four-legged friend.

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