East European Shepherd: Price, Temperament, Weight, Height

Name: East European Shepherd
Country of origin: Europe (Russia) (Belarus)
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Life span: 10-14 years
Temperament: Confident, Very Agile, Sensitive, Loyal, Playful
Height: Females: 61-72 cm; Males: 66-76 cm
Weight: Female: 30–50 kg; Males: 35–60 kg
Color: Blanket-back, black and tan, solid black, and solid liver

Price of puppies: $900 – 1200USD
Hypoallergenic: No

East European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog created by crossing a real German Shepherd with a Russian Laika in the 1930s in order to increase the resistance of the hybrid litter to extreme cold. The breed was originally bred for use by the military, precisely because of their high intelligence. The modern East European Shepherd Dog has the DNA code of both original breeds – the East Siberian Laika and the German Shepherd Dog, which were removed from the territory of Germany by the Soviet army at the end of World War II.

East European Shepherd puppy. Average price: $1050 USD

The East European Shepherd Dog is very quick-witted, intelligent, sensitive, loyal, and simply devoted to its owner. The East European Shepherd Dog is balanced, confident, intelligent, and playful; but at the same time very careful with strangers. It is a sturdy breed of dog that can be very aggressive, making it an excellent watchdog. Despite its high sociality and meek disposition, the East European Shepherd may not be very good as a pet, since they listen to only one owner in the family and prefer to have one partner in their games. It is a working breed and requires constant training. They were actively bred due to their high intelligence and ability to learn quickly. Their ability to withstand different climatic conditions allows them to be kept both indoors and outdoors. The East European Shepherd Dogs have proven themselves well as hunting dogs, at the same time they can serve as sled dogs if there are several of them.

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