Great Dane Coat Colors & Patterns Explained (With Pictures)

Great Dane is a recognized beauty and power. These giant dogs are incredibly friendly and affectionate towards their owner. They are very loyal and loving to all family members. The breed is also distinguished by a variety of unusual colors, among which they have shades of wool that are included in the breed standard. As well as non-standard colors that are not allowed for breeding.

Great Dane Coat Colors

It is unlikely that any other breed of dog can boast of such unusual coat colors. It is noteworthy that Great Danes have only guard hair and are completely devoid of undercoat. That is why pets should live in a large, heated house, where they will be cozy and comfortable.

Important! Only 5 colors are allowed in the approved standard. They have the right to participate in the selection and various shows. The rest of the colors are no less spectacular but are not recognized by the cynological communities.

Standard Coat Colors

The description of the pedigree Great Dane, which was bred and approved by cynologists, suggests the presence of only 5 categories of dogs of this breed:

Brindle Great Dane

Brindle (very spectacular color, is a chaotic arrangement of stripes of various widths, black and gray, on a red background, such pets always attract the eyes of others);

Marble Great Dane

Marbled (no less spectacular color, black spots, not too large, located throughout the body on the absolutely white hair of the animal, such pets are always in great demand);

Fawn Great Dane

Fawn (considered the classic color of the breed, this is a completely red pet, the color of the coat can vary from light peach to red-orange, small white spots on the chest and paws of the pet are allowed);

Black Great Dane

Black (the coat should be coal-black, no red or gray hairs interspersed, small white spots are allowed on the pet’s chest and fingers);

Blue Great Dane

Blue (the color of the coat in this version is gray, but at a certain angle it gives an unusual blue tint, in this version of the color a slight interspersed with white spots is also allowed).

Animals that fall under the standard breed description are considered purebred and pass registration without problems. In the future, they can actively participate in exhibitions and various breed shows, as well as be used in breeding. Judges at shows pay close attention to the color of the Great Dane and carefully monitor compliance with all conditions.

Non-standard Coat Colors

Gray Marble Great Danes

Among the non-standard colors of the Great Dane, special attention is paid to “gray marble”. These are dogs with a spectacular coat color, where black spots are located throughout the body on a light gray background. Such dogs are always visible and attractive. Despite the fact that they cannot participate in exhibitions and breeding, many future owners want to get just such a pet.

Piebald Great Danes

Piebald is considered another non-standard color. This is the same marble, but in this case, black spots fill most of the body and are especially concentrated on the croup of the animal. They have different sizes and are randomly scattered throughout the pet’s body. The spots are located on a white or gray background.

Gray Great Danes

Gray pets are also in the custom category. If their coat does not shine with a blue tint at a certain angle, then they do not fall under the breed standard. In this case, the puppy does not pass registration and does not participate in the selection.

All Great Danes, regardless of coat color, have a very calm, docile character. They are ideal companions and get along well in a family, even with small children. These huge giants of the canine world are affectionate like cats and love to spend time with their families.

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