Greta Oto the Transparent Butterfly

The humid forests of South America hide many unusual and unique species. One of them is a butterfly from the nymphalid family, which is found in the forests of the Amazon Basin.
It is a small insect with wings only 5-6 centimeters wide. But on the other hand, it is a transparent butterfly – it has transparent tissue on its wings between the veins. There are simply no colored scales.

Butterflies have an original defense mechanism. The transparent butterfly lays its eggs on plants from the genus Cestrum, which contains many poisonous alkaloids. After pecking out of the eggs, the caterpillars continue to feed on these plants, acquiring a completely inedible taste. Birds, having tasted such a bitter and disgusting caterpillar, are wary of eating them a second time.

In addition, the Greta Oto butterfly lives only in the cleanest areas, the slightest ecological trouble immediately leads to the disappearance of these butterflies. These are the transparent live indicators.

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