How Much Does a Kerry Blue Terrier Cost?

Name: Kerry Blue Terrier
Other names: Dutch Schnauzer, Dutch Pied Piper, Dutch Griffon, Smushond, Kerry Blue Terrier
Country of origin: Ireland
Size Type: Medium Breed Dogs
Group: Terrier breed
Life span: 13 – 15 years
Temperament: Energetic, Strong-willed, Alert, Loyal, Gentle, Gentle
Height: Males: 46-51 cm; Females: 44-48 cm
Weight: Females: 15-18 kg; Males: 15-18 kg
Color: Blue, Blue and black, Silver, Slate Blue, Black, Gray
Price of puppies: $1,000-$2,000 USD
Hypoallergenic: Yes

The Kerry Blue Terrier is also known as the Irish Terrier. According to legend, after the collapse of the Spanish Armada in 1588, Spanish dog puppies (some believe they were Kerry Blue Terriers) were washed ashore in Ireland and mixed with Irish wolfhounds.

The height at the withers is 47 cm in males, slightly less in females. Differentiation is based on basic parameters: in males, for the most part, it is 45.7 ~ 49.5 cm, in females 44.6 ~ 48.3 cm. Only those individuals that are used as hunting dogs have more or less clear characteristics. Males should not be over 50.8 or under 44.6 in height; in females, it is limited to 43.2–49.5 cm. These limiting parameters should not apply to small dogs. The weight of an adult male ranges from 14.97 ~ 19.96 kg, females are, accordingly, slightly lighter. Well-developed, strong body with strong bones, muscles, and relatively long limbs.

Temperament is just as important to this breed as blue. The English Standard describes him as a “disciplined brave man” who, thanks to the strength of his spirit and energy, is always alert and ready for action. The Kerry Blue Terrier is enthusiastic but stubborn, which makes the learning process somewhat challenging. With a strong-willed, strong owner, dogs become excellent companions. A thick, wavy coat requires regular brushing to maintain its beautiful appearance.

They are very suspicious of strangers and find it difficult to get along with other dogs. Sometimes they can even attack an “illegal” who has stepped into the territory he is protecting. By nature, the Kerry Blue Terrier loves to dig something. His curiosity and attention can be attracted by any strange smell or rustle coming from under the ground. They are so attached to their master that they are not ready to share it with the whole world. Before you approach, you need to get their permission. At the first meeting, a person unfamiliar with the dog should behave with restraint and caution. But then, when the alertness wears off and the dog recognizes him, everything changes. She transforms, becomes cheerful, energetic, and happy. Kerry is a little selfish and jealous, strives to be the only one, loved. Giving herself without reserve and bringing joy and happiness into our lives, she expects the same from us. Courageous and aggressive, this dog is suitable for all types of work. The Kerry Blue Terrier is very stubborn and willful. To make a good family companion from him, it is necessary to be strict in upbringing, perseverance in training. To correct a mislearned element, you can use your dog’s favorite toy as a reward. The Kerry Blue Terrier lives a long time and can fulfill its duties even at an old age. A 6-8-year-old dog is considered young.

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