How to Choose A Cat Water Fountain

A dog in front of a water bowl
Even dogs love cat water fountains!


Does your cat enjoy sipping water straight from the tap when it is running? Experts claim that cats naturally favor flowing water because their wild predecessors would have thought it safer than stagnant ponds that can harbor bacteria. In order to entice your cat, keep trash out of their water, and circulate a bigger volume of liquid than your typical dish would contain, a cat water fountain is made to imitate these conditions.

Cat fountains might be plain or ornate, but they all function rather similarly. Your cat will think they are drinking fresh running water when they drink from the fountain because water you put in it is filtered through a network of tubes.

They’re a popular option for cats who enjoy the sink as well as those that need some encouragement to drink more water. It’s crucial to pick a fountain that complements your house, though, for the sake of both you and your cat. To assist you in making a decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top cat water fountains and highlighted their main characteristics.

Fountain advantages:

When you wash your hands, you might notice that your cat gravitates toward the sink. They could sip the liquid or prod the stream. Running water intrigues cats in either case. Since the running water is contained in one location for your cat, a fountain may reduce the mess surrounding your sink.

A cat drinking from a metal cat water fountain.
A cat drinking from a metal cat water fountain.

The Qualities you should consider when buying a Cat Water Fountain

  • The type of water fountain you desire depends on the kind of cat you have and how many cats you have in your house. Know what you’re looking for. Do you want a little, easy-to-use device that isn’t complicated? There are many different features, aesthetics, and price points for fountains.
  • If your space is already limited, a smaller fountain would be ideal. For greater number of cats, a large fountain might be needed? 
  • Consider the capacity of the fountains first. Remember that the typical cat needs one cup of water every day (though less if already they get some of their water from a wet-food diet). You should generally get a larger model if you have two or three cats who use the fountain.
  • A more interactive drinking fountain can be a good option if you’re looking for one for a young cat. Your kitten may make a little bit of a mess, but they’ll also probably end up drinking.
  • Remember the noise component. The sound of the splashing water differs from fountain to fountain in addition to the pump noise. You can hear splashing water coming from the opposite room when there are some cascading fountains. Other fountains make barely audible bubbling noises, which is perfect if the fountain is close to your sleep or office.
  • Cat water fountains can range in complexity from a simple water dish with a pump to a multi-tiered, glazed ceramic sculpture that would look lovely in a garden. Although a fountain might be a beautiful addition to your home, your cat will be more concerned with usability than aesthetics.
  • You can choose between ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic fountains depending on the material. Ceramic and stainless steel are frequently simpler to clean, whereas plastic and stainless steel have the benefit of being relatively lightweight materials. Steel is not porous like plastic, making stainless fountains the easiest to maintain. This makes cleaning off any dirt or buildup from hard water easier.
  • First, check the fountain. All fountains will make some noise when the water is flowing, but some will create loud noises due to the pumping needed to move the water. Be sure to look for the following things while evaluating a water fountain:
  •   When the fountain runs out of water, does the quality alter?
  •   Does it occasionally turn off or keep working?
  •   Does the water make any loud noises when the level is low?
  •   Is a timer setting available?
  •   Do you think the layout would endanger your cat?
  •   Can your cat easily access the water?
  • Is it simple to clean the fountain?
  • Last but not least, evaluate the fountain’s filtration system and estimate the cost of routine filter replacements. In order for filters to successfully keep hair and filth out of your pet’s water, they must be cleaned and updated.


Choosing the Best Cat Water Fountain

There is a water fountain to suit your cat’s chosen drinking method, ranging from basic auto-refreshing bowls to sophisticated fountains with several streams. To identify the selections with the highest ratings, we searched through web reviews. We also added our personal favorite and reason for being our favorite.

A cat in front of a metal cat water fountain.
A cat in front of a metal cat water fountain.

Brook II Cat & Dog Water Fountain in Stainless Steel from WOpet


Color: Silver, Grey

Material: Stainless Steel

Brand: WOPET

Operation Mode: Manual

Target Species: Bird, Cat, Dog



Why we prefer it

  • Offer a pet enough water to last two weeks or more. Made for small and medium-sized pets
  • System with two filters. Water that is constantly running for cats and dogs to stimulate increased water consumption.
  • A smart pump. Automatically halt the pump when the water level drops
  • Dark mode. Your pet will be reminded to drink water at night by tiny blue lights.
  • Disposal safe. Reduce hard water buildup to make cleaning simpler.

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