Popular & Funny Cat Themed Private Number Plates!

Are you a cat owner? If so, you know just how important they are in your life. Why not show everyone just how much your cat means to you through cat themed private plates? It’s the perfect way to show off your love for your furry friend while on the move!

We all know the world loves its pets, especially cats! There are currently over 370 million pet cats worldwide. 

Cats aren’t just pets after all, they are also part of the family. Just as people buy number plates in honour of their loved ones, hobbies or favourite film, people do buy registrations with their cats in mind too. Others may buy cat themed number plates for their business, such as; groomers, cat sitters, breeders, etc.

Just like with cats in general, cat-themed number plates come with a wide variety. You might just want ‘cat’ on your vehicle, such as ‘BO55 CAT’ which sold for £9100  in 2006, or ‘A1 CAT’ that sold for £4000 in 1991. The current most expensive cat number plate is ‘8 CAT’, selling for £35,000. 

Perhaps you may want something with your cat’s name on it to make it more personal? According to numerous 2022 sources, one of the most popular cat names in the world today is ‘Luna’, with ‘LUN 44A’ available at £6,746.

Maybe you would like your cats breed instead. Top breeds today include Bengal, Persian, Ragdoll and British Shorthair. You could specify the actual cat breed itself, such as ‘TA13 BYS’, or ‘BEN 644L’ that’s currently priced at £10,295.

Below we have the most funny and trending cat private number plates that ACTUALLY exist – put together by the team at Regtransfers. Cats have proven time and time again with their fluffy, adorable faces, to make people go ‘Awww’ and ‘OMG!’. These hilarious cat number plates won’t just have you laughing, but overloaded with cuteness too!

#1: Cat Boss

Tis Time…

A picture of a cat with glasses looking at a computer with the caption "time for your performance review"
Time for Your Performance Review

#2: Cool Cat

I invented the Catwalk

A picture of a cat dressed in stylish clothes with a tie and sunglasses. The caption says "It's called Style Darling"
It’s Called Style, Darling!

#3: Boop That Snoot! Boop It!!!

Cute Snoot

A human hand touches a cat's nose. The caption reads 'Must Boop The Snoot'
Must Boop The Snoot

#4: Cat Lady

Living her best life

A lady in a room surrounded by a dozen cats. The caption reads 'I didn't choose the cat lady life. It chose me.'
I didn’t choose the cat lady life. It chose me.

#5: Cat Dad

They always come round eventually!

A man playing with a cat on the couch. The caption reads 'Dad with the cat he said he didn't want...'
Dad with the cat he said he didn’t want…

#6: Cat WTF

How dare you tease me with chicken nuggets!! I frown at you!

An angry cat looks at the camera. The caption says "When they pretend to give you a chicken nuggie, then eat it in front of you...'
When they pretend to give you a chicken nuggie, then eat it in front of you…

#7: Cat *NOM*

Get a cat they said…

A cat nibbling on a human's arm. The caption reads "Them: How's having a cat going? Me: ...'
Them: How’s having a cat going? Me: …

#8: Loaf of Cat?

What a pure bread cat looks like:

Several cats are in a field. The cats are shaped like spheres and are hovering over the ground.
Loaf of Cat

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