Karakachan: Everything You Need to Know

The Karakachan dog is a hardy watchdog, originally intended to protect flocks of sheep from predators. This is a large, brave, and strong dog, able to stand up for itself.

As you might guess, the homeland of the Bulgarian shepherd dogs (Karakachan dogs) in Bulgaria. These dogs are representatives of one of the oldest herding breeds in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The closest relatives of the Karakachan dogs are the Greek Shepherd Dog and the Croatian Plain Dog.

The Karakachan dogs have a highly developed instinct for the protection of the territory; they can perform work even without the presence of the owner. The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is independent and able to make decisions on its own. She is suspicious and aggressive towards strangers, but at the same time treats family members with love and care.

In the presence of the owner, the dog is loyal to his friends and other guests, but in his absence, he perceives them as strangers.

First of all, the owners of the Karakachan dogs should understand that this is a working breed of dogs bred for life on the street, so it is completely unsuitable for living in an apartment and cramped conditions.

The coat of the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog needs regular grooming. It needs to be brushed several times a week.

The Bulgarian Shepherd should be washed only when necessary. The fact is that when washing is washed off the protective sebum protects the dog from bad weather.

Karakachan dogs are working dogs, therefore they need a lot of daily physical activity. Daily long active walks will do.

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