Mole Damage

Practice shows that moles like to settle in areas located near river floodplains or near a forest. A vegetable garden measuring six to twelve acres corresponds in size to the dwelling of one adult animal. If elevations, grooves, small mounds suddenly appear on the surface of the soil, you know, moles have already worked here! It is better to take action right away, otherwise, the moles will occupy the territory and declare it their new home. Then it will be more difficult for small animals to survive, and many gardeners know firsthand about the harm they can cause.

Mole yard damage

So what methods are there for dealing with moles? Let’s try to list.

The mole does not tolerate noise, many summer residents use homemade devices from used bottles, cans, etc. They thunder in the wind, rustle, and thus scare away the animals. But not in clear weather.

Legumes are a good folk remedy. If you plant the beds with them, the animals can leave.

Another remedy against moles: decompose sharply smelling objects: old rags soaked in gasoline, rotten fish heads, naphthalene, dust, feces (especially they do not tolerate the smell of cat feces).

Another interesting way is the extermination of animals with the help of fox terriers. However, a dog may well trample a site no worse than a hundred moles.

A laborious method, but effective: dig in sheets of slate or metal around the perimeter of the site to a depth of at least seventy centimeters. A mole, with a high probability, will not be able to get into your garden.

The old method is to flood burrows with plenty of water.

If there are no shrubs and fruit trees on the site, then periodic plowing will help (at least 70 cm deep).

Some summer residents successfully use mole traps. But nevertheless, this method is not very successful, since it requires a lot of money and experience in installing them.

Sometimes mole holes are blown up with firecrackers. It should be admitted that this also helps to scare away the animals, but for a short time. In addition, non-observance of safety precautions can lead to harmful consequences, including injury.

The easiest and safest way to control pests is to use ultrasonic mole repellents. The advantages of these devices are that they are universal (they help not only against moles, but also against other rodents), extremely effective, but they do not kill animals and do not harm their health, but only force them to stay away from the garden plot.

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