Oriental Shorthair Cat Personality and Behavior

The Oriental breed is a rather harmoniously built cat. However, the ears of the east look simply gigantic in comparison with the sophisticated physique.

Oriental cats are very friendly, sociable, and curious. They are smart, quick-witted, like to participate in everything that happens in the house, they can calmly endure travel, but they cannot stand loneliness.

At the end of the XIX century. Oriental cats of Siamese and solid colors were brought to London from Thailand. English felinologists considered the solid shades to be a deviation from the Siamese breed standard. However, work on breeding began to be carried out in America, wherein 1956 the first kitten of a monochromatic chocolate color appeared. In 1974, even white color was recognized, the rest of the solid was adopted at the end of the 1970s.

Orientals have very short, smooth wool, which does not have to be combed out – it is enough to brush it with a damp hand once every two weeks to remove dust and dead hairs. Pets should trim their nails regularly. In nutrition, these animals are unpretentious. The breed is not prone to genetic diseases.

Colors recognized by the standard: solid (blue, gray, black, brown, red, cream, and chocolate), tabby (ticked, spotted, brindle and marble), tortoiseshell, smoky and bicolor are also acceptable. White is considered special: it must be clean, without yellowness.

Defects are considered obvious deformations of the tail – creases, hooks, immobility, as well as white spots in those colors where they are not provided.

Unlike its closest relative, the Siamese cat, the Oriental cat has a surprisingly gullible and friendly disposition. These sophisticated creatures are very attached to their master and absolutely do not tolerate loneliness. Loving and loyal cats will always be with the owner and will participate in all his daily activities.

Characterized by a lively mind and high intelligence, oriental cats quickly memorize the habits of their owners and are able to adapt to the rhythm of their life.

Playful and inquisitive oriental cat kittens cannot sit still for a minute, and all the time they are exploring their surroundings. Children are extremely active and mobile, they can play and frolic all day long without wasting time for rest.

These cats are known to remain active until old age, and even adult animals can behave like playful kittens.

Oriental cats are very jumpy animals and love to jump on cabinets and mezzanines. Also, these curious creatures can climb the cornice, often damaging curtains and tulle. To satisfy your pet’s need for energetic play, it is recommended to purchase a special playset for him with numerous shelves located at different levels.

The famous proverb about a cat walking alone cannot be attributed to these oriental beauties. Oriental cats are very sociable and need constant attention. If the owner does not devote enough time to the oriental, the pet will begin to get bored and may even fall into a slight depression.

The oriental breed of cats prefers to spend a lot of time with the owner, sitting in his arms, or just be around if the owner is busy with something. Oriental is attached not only to people but also to the house, therefore, in places unfamiliar to them, cats experience severe stress. The owner will have to take such a feature of the pet into account if it is planned to be absent for a long time, and it is better to ask someone to take care of the cat at home than to give the pet to a friend or leave it in a special shelter.

Also, all the owners of these amazing cats note their natural observation and claim that their pets are able to open a locked cabinet door or a door to a room in an incomprehensible way.

Oriental does not recognize any prohibitions or restrictions and will definitely find a way to get where they are not allowed to enter.

These creatures are very fond of talking and even try to answer the owner in their feline language. In general, cats of this breed are quite noisy, and always achieve what they want with loud and persistent meows.

Oriental cats do not really get along with other pets and will envy the beloved owner of other pets. An exception may be cases when these cats are kept from an early age with another cat or dog. Animals that have grown up together will become best friends and will even more calmly endure the long absence of their owners.


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