Picardy Spaniel: Helpful Information

Name: Picardy Spaniel
Country of origin: France
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Gun dogs
Life span: 12-14 years
Temperament: Energetic, Gentle, Teachable, Companionable, Dedicated, Active, Gray and Brown
Height: Females: 55-60 cm; Males: 55-62 cm
Weight: 20-25 kg
Color: gray and brown

Price of puppies: $800-1,000 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Picardy Spaniel dog breed

A strong, powerful dog with a broad back and strong limbs. Proud head position, cheerful eye expression, and well-developed forebody.

Picardy Spaniels

Energetic, loving, trainable, outgoing, devoted, active.

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