Red Great Dane Dog Breed Information

Great Danes are admittedly the Apollo of the canine world. They are proud, dignified, world-bending dogs that have an almost perfect temperament, docile and friendly. Despite their gigantic size by dog standards, they are very neat and rarely cause inconvenience to pets, although they can be somewhat awkward. In any case, these are very beautiful and stately animals, usually indicating the status of their owner.

Red Dane Dog

Red or fawn Great Danes are classics of the breed. This is the most common coat color in this breed. It is noteworthy that the shade of the coat can be varied within a given color, from golden yellow to almost red.

Important! Red Great Danes are descendants of the ancient Mastiffs and Irish Greyhounds.

Red merle Great Dane

Often in this color, red hair throughout the pet’s body is successfully combined with a black mask on the face. These are beautiful and strong animals that invariably attract the eyes of everyone around.

Great Dane: Red Coat Color

According to the standard breed description, the red color can range from a light, peach shade to a dark golden red color. All pets of the fawn color fall under the standard and have the opportunity to build an exhibition career, as well as further participate in breeding.

Pets need regular brushing of their fur with a special stiff brush. This will help a person get rid of dead skin and hair cells. It is necessary to keep a pet in the house since dogs of this breed are deprived of undercoat. They will not be able to live on a chain or in an aviary, as they cannot tolerate too low and too high temperatures.

Red Great Dane: Temperament

Red harlequin Great Dane

In the blood of the Great Dane, there is undisguised aggression and anger, but today’s members of the family have pushed these qualities into the background. They are very affectionate with their owners, show their love and trust in all ways.

All Great Danes unquestioningly obey their owners, if they were able to establish a psychological connection with them. Dogs are very balanced and calm, do not show aggression towards strangers, if they do not receive provocations from their side.

Great Danes: Other Coat Colors

As with almost all other breeds, Great Danes have several standard colors, as well as shades of coat that are not included in the standard description. Such animals do not participate in breeding and cannot build an exhibition career, despite their stateliness and beauty.

Non-standard pets include:

albinos (absolutely white hair is not the norm in Great Danes);

gray marble (the spectacular color is not recognized by cynological communities, black spots on a gray background are not held in high esteem by judges);

black and white (colors in which black spots on the rump prevail over a white background, such dogs cannot be classified as “harlequins”, although they look no less impressive).

Standard colors include fawn, brindle, harlequin, harlequin, black and blue. Such pets have their own variations and differ in various shades. For example, in black and blue colors, the presence of small white spots on the toes of the animal’s paws, as well as the chest, is permissible. However, judges pay close attention to the size of such blotches on the coat.

Regardless of color, all Great Danes are considered excellent companions and ideal pets. They are very affectionate and behave well at home and on the walk. Dogs are calm and do not show aggression towards other animals on the dog playground. The main thing is to bring up the Great Dane in time and set up a psychological connection with him. It is then that he will obey unmistakably and obey, unquestioningly carrying out all the commands of the owner.

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