White Great Dane Dog Breed Information

Great Dane in any color is a unique dog. Firstly, the representatives of this breed are gigantic in size. This makes them visible and attractive in any setting. Secondly, dogs look at the world with a certain condescension and nobility, are very calm, and do not show aggression, this makes them ideal pets. Great Danes are very beautiful and are almost always an indicator of the high status and wealth of their owner.

White Great Danes: All You Need to Know

It often happens that an albino or a dog appears in a litter of puppies with a small number of very small black spots on a white background. As a rule, these animals are deaf from birth. This is influenced by the genetic component.

Albino Great Dane

Important! White Great Dane dogs are discarded at an early age and are promoted to pet status.

White Great Dane Dog: Defect or Breed?

The white color of the coat is a breed defect. This color is not included in the breed description standard. Pets are not allowed to build a show career and participate in breeding. This issue is strictly regulated since albinos are carriers of the recessive gene. Such animals are prone to many diseases and poor health.

Despite this, some people are trying to get just such a pure white pet. They look quite attractive and unusual in terms of the description of this breed. Albinos are calm and balanced.

White Great Dane: Exterior

White Great Dane does not differ in build from their congeners of other colors. Their only difference is absolutely white coat, devoid of undercoat, or the presence of very small spots of black or red color on a snow-white background.

In the description of the breed, the breeding of such pets is not allowed in order to exclude the soreness. Although white mastiffs look very impressive and can become a worthy pets.

Albino Great Dane: Temperament

Like Great Dane of other colors, albinos are calm and do not show aggression towards people and other animals. They love active games and walks with the owner, but due to their congenital deafness, they cannot become good watchdogs and guards. It is a companion dog that will love and worship its owner and his family members.

Great Danes: Other Coat Colors

White and grey Great Dane

The white background is only allowed in the case of the marbled Great Dane. The second name for this color is “harlequin”. These are stately and beautiful animals with black spots scattered all over their bodies. The number and size of such spots are strictly regulated. With an excessive amount of them, the color is called platten and is not included in the standard description of the breed.

Black and white spotted Great Dane

In addition, there are four more colors in the breed standard that are acceptable for breeding and an exhibition career: black, blue, brindle and fawn. Such pets may differ in the intensity of the shade, but at the same time, their participation in dog shows is permissible if there is no presence of other breed defects.

Blue and white Great Dane

Among the non-standard colors that look no less impressive, but do not participate in breeding, gray marble occupies a special place. These are large black spots on a gray background. Such pets invariably attract the eyes of people.

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