Sheep (16 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

Sheep are profitable pets, they are unpretentious in food, do not require large maintenance costs and quickly pay off. Most of the year they feed on fresh grass in the pasture.

#1 But caring for sheep is not easy.

In temperate climates, with the onset of the cold period, they are transferred to stall keeping. The animals are housed in a sturdy covered shed for sheep, called a kosher, and is often called a sheepfold by the people.

#2 The kennels should be equipped with a nursery, feeding troughs and drinking bowls.

Sheep need good ventilation and a constant temperature, which can be 6-8 degrees in winter. True, during the lambing period in a manager, the temperature should be raised to 15-18 ° C.

#3 The room for keeping sheep should be dry, clean and spacious.

The dwelling should be regularly cleaned and covered with fresh straw. For the sheep to be comfortable, the size of the hay feeder should allow for a distance of 35-40 cm for each animal.

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