Singapura Cat Personality and Behavior

Singapura is the smallest breed of domestic cats in the world. The weight of an adult male does not exceed 3 kg, of a female – 2 kg. Singapuras are completely non-aggressive, incredibly smart, and affectionate with people. If you choose a Singapura cat as your pet, then you will have to be very careful not to step on this curious little creature.

The Singapura cat is a natural breed of cats with an oriental origin, but the breed itself was shaped by American breeders.

The appearance and character of Singapura are extraordinary. The first acquaintance with a Singapura cat can leave anyone indifferent – they simply amaze with their enthusiasm and grace.

Singapura has only one color – sepia agouti, a golden-cream tone with an admixture of dark brown ticking on the head, ears, and back. The coat itself is short, silk, without an undercoat – it is very pleasant to iron Singapura. Singapura cats have surprisingly huge and expressive eyes, looking into which it is difficult to hide admiration.

The breed of the Singapura cat is very attached to a person, small pets are not ready for a second to leave the owner.

The nature of cats is very playful, they are ready to run and jump without a break, at the same time, without showing any aggression towards a person, be it an adult or a child. Singapura accepts everything that comes from a person with great love. However, the playful nature of cats is supported by good intelligence, so Singapura cats will not pester the owner when he is out of sorts.

The voice of these cats is very quiet and gentle, and, despite their eastern origin, they do not differ in talkativeness.

Singapura cats are descended from street cats from Southeast Asia (from the city-state of Singapore). In 1971, American Hal Meadow, a member of the geophysical team in Singapore, sent four kittens to his friend in the United States. They became the founders of a new breed. Already in 1976, Singapuras began to take part in exhibitions and received recognition.

First, you need to catch a Singapura: she can run and jump without a break. If the pet came to your hands and fell asleep – take a moment, comb the fur. However, once every two weeks will be enough. Be sure to buy a scratching post. No genetic diseases have been identified in Singapura.

Only one color is recognized as a standard – sepia agouti (dark brown ticking on a light cream background). Defects are considered to be tails on the outer surface of the paws and noticeable curvatures.

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