Syrian Hamster Anatomy

The main difference between the hamster is the presence of cheek pouches: they are used for the temporary storage of food and transferring it to secluded places. They fit up to 18 grams of the food. If you fill them completely, the animal’s head doubles.

Syrian Hamster

At first glance, the structure of the hamster’s jaw is not complicated, but in addition to two pairs of self-sharpening incisors, there are 6 more pairs of molars intended for chewing food. The incisors are in constant growth, so it is so necessary to buy various hard toys for the pet or provide wooden sticks.

The skeleton of the Syrian hamster is structured according to the same principle as that of other mammals, but its bones are highly fragile.

So, if cats tend to “spring back” from the surface, then a hamster, when jumping from a height, will most likely break its limbs, and can also damage the insides.

The structure of the internal organs of a hamster is also monotonous, but there is a peculiarity: a two-chambered stomach. It has two departments:

  • the front is intended for soaking food;
  • glandular is responsible for the digestion process.

The gender of an animal is determined by the distance from the anus to the genitals: in males, it is about 1-1.5 cm, in females – 3 mm.

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