The 14 Cutest Affenpinschers Currently Online

Her story begins in Central Europe. Affenpinschers were kept at stables and in rat-hunting shops. Then the breeders gradually reduced the size of the dogs and they began to catch mice already in the boudoirs of noble ladies. Today, the Affenpinscher is a favorite pet of many families and is very popular.

#1 Despite the compact size, the territorial instinct of Affenpinschers is developed no worse than that of guard breeds, so they always promptly inform about the arrival of both invited and uninvited guests.

#2 The main phobia of Affenpinschers is loneliness, so it is undesirable for busy and non-family people to have a dog.

#3 Representatives of this family do not favor any four-legged creatures and fight them by swooping, growling and biting.

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