How Much Do Affenpinschers Cost?

Name: Affenpinscher
Other names: Affen, Affie, Monkey Dog
Country of origin: Germany, France
Size Type: Small Dog Breeds
Group: Indoor Dogs, Decorative Dogs
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Active, joking, playful, stubborn, adventurous, curious
Height: 23-30 cm
Weight: 2.9-6.0 kg
Color: Black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, or belge (mixed black, white, brown, and red hair)
The price of puppies: $300 – $500 USD
Hypoallergenic: Yes

Affen Pinscher is a breed of decorative dogs, with a very symmetrical body shape, unusually intelligent, attractive, wonderful pets. The breed was bred in Germany, its original name “Affenpinscher” means “terrier that looks like a monkey.” This breed can be used as a pet, rodent hunter, and for training. In France, the breed has been described as “Diablotin Moustachu”, which translates to a little bearded demon. Both descriptions of this breed say that people choose it because of the appearance and temperament of the breed. The general characteristics of the breed are more important than the description of its individual characteristics, the general appearance should be neat and tidy, with a lot of coarse hair on the face.

Small and strong, medium bones, not too thin. The height at the withers reaches from 9.5 to 11.5 inches, the length of the body (from the shoulders to the base of the tail) is approximately equal to the height, as a result of which the body has an almost square structure. The body length of the females may exceed the height. The head and body are proportional, the head gives a strong impression of resemblance to a monkey. Rounded dark eyes located in the middle of the head, not too prominent, black in color. The ears are located at the top of the skull, protruding upward; maintaining the resemblance to a monkey does not affect the natural position of the ears, they can be both sticking up and one and a half gagging – both types of ears are acceptable for the breed. The skull is round and domed, but not coarse. The muzzle is short, gradually tapering towards the tip of the nose. The length of the muzzle is approximately equal to the distance between the eyes. The nose is black, neither raised nor lowered. The lips are black, the lower lip protrudes slightly forward. The teeth are undershot by the lower jaw. The protrusion of the lower jaw is allowed as far as it does not spoil the similarity with a monkey, a spatula bite is allowed. Upper jaw undershot is strictly prohibited and leads to rejection of the breed. A skewed mouth is also a serious defect when the mouth is closed, the tongue and teeth should not be visible. The jaws should be wide enough to show the entire lower row of teeth when open.

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