Affenpinscher Breed – Facts and Personality Traits

The Affenpinscher is a brave, alert, and inquisitive dog that loves his family. She owns his entire loyalty, which can sometimes be expressed in an uncomfortable way. His protective instinct can sometimes express itself in slight aggression towards other four-legged friends. For example, if he is out and about with many other dogs, he can behave aggressively. His attacks can quickly lead to injury, either to himself or to the other four-legged friends. Therefore you should always keep an eye on him and withdraw him immediately before fights. Because of this trait, many people refer to the Affenpinscher as a small Rottweiler.

Affable and Fearless Companion

In general, however, the Affenpinscher gets along very well with other dogs and other pets – especially if he grew up with them. He is reserved towards strangers. He behaves very reservedly for a few minutes before gradually thawing out. For a good guard dog, which this four-legged friend undoubtedly is, this is a praiseworthy quality. First check whether the unknown two-legged friend poses a danger, only then make friends. In any case, fear is not the reason for the initial reluctance, because the Affenpinscher is only extremely rarely afraid. He reliably reports to his family when a stranger is at the door.

As loyal as the little dog is, it also demands a lot of attention. The attention of its owners is, so to speak, its purpose in life. He expresses his own loyalty through caresses such as kisses and extensive cuddling. Whoever comes home from the family is greeted extensively and tenderly. Since he can learn things quickly, training is usually easy for him. Nevertheless, some Affenpinschers have a mind of their own and are therefore a little more difficult to train. As with many small companion dogs, the formula for success here is lots of love plus consistency.

Appearance: Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is between 25 and 30 centimeters tall and weighs four to six kilograms. The characteristic feature of the Affenpinscher, which is also easily recognizable for non-professionals, is the shape of its head. In contrast to the other pinschers, its head is round because of the shortened snout. If he shows his teeth, which are characterized by an underbite, he certainly gives the impression of a little monkey. So the name actually has a justification.

Even if the Affenpinscher makes a very delicate appearance overall, its front legs are relatively strong. Overall, it is rather short, which suits the round head well. What is also striking is its tripping mode of locomotion.

Its fur is black with a black undercoat and is hard to the touch. The thick hair sticks out on all sides and should be trimmed. It stays visibly longer on the head than on the body and legs.

The Affenpinscher at a glance

  • Passionate and almost always active
  • Excellent watchdog
  • Very faithful soul
  • Affectionate and cuddly
  • Agreeable mate for more pets
  • Mostly fearless
  • Unmistakable appearance
  • Barely shedding fur
  • Relatively rare breed

Grooming: Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is the perfect companion for all friends of a clean home. He loses a surprisingly small amount of hair. Nevertheless, you should brush your fur two to three times a week. Frequent brushing not only removes loose hair but also prevents his fur from becoming tangled or even matted. A trim is due once or twice a year. You should only bathe the Affenpinscher if it is very dirty, and then only with a gentle dog shampoo.

Thanks to its normally robust health, the Affenpinscher does not require any further measures apart from the usual vaccinations and examinations by the vet. Its life expectancy is therefore an impressive 15 years.

Buy Affenpinscher

If you want a purebred puppy, you have to be patient and possibly have to drive far. In Germany, on average, only 30 Affenpinschers are born each year. As with all other breeds, you should look very carefully when choosing the seller. Only choose a reputable breeder who will allow you to inspect the litter extensively prior to purchase.

A relatively safe criterion is also the price. A purebred Affenpinscher cannot be found for less than 1000 euros. Alternatively, a dog from an animal shelter is recommended. In this way, you give an animal a second chance and can rely on a reliable health check.

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