The 17 Cutest Boxers Currently Online

Breeders note that the Boxer dog is docile and has a strong nervous system. They are good-natured and sociable – they easily make contact and adore attention, they behave calmly at home, do not spoil things, and on the street, they like to run and frolic. Long walks are always a joy for boxers. Dogs love to be in nature: here they study the territory and rummage in the ground. He is wary of strangers, dogs are quick-witted and cunning. It is worth noting their agility, courage, and great strength because they belong to the category of fighting.

#1 The Boxer is a brave, patient dog.

#2 Animals are distinguished by loyalty to the family and excellent friends for children.

#3 Affectionate by nature dogs will play with pleasure with the owner, or are attached to him on the couch.

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