Top 7 Aquarium Crayfish

Crustaceans are an unusually diverse group of arthropods that have inhabited all continents of our planet. Their ecological significance can hardly be overestimated because most of the oceanic plankton is made up of precisely the smallest crustaceans, which are food objects for larger organisms.

Australian Red Claw Crayfish

This species came to aquarium hobby from aquaculture. The meat of this crayfish is considered an exquisite delicacy, so many private companies are engaged in breeding it. But if we move away from the gastronomic component, we get one of the most beautiful aquarium pets.

The body of the crayfish is colored blue or blue with colored blotches and reddish joints. In adult males, characteristic red outgrowths appear on the claws, for which the crayfish was nicknamed the “red claw”. The usual size in an aquarium is 20 cm.

For maintenance, you will need an aquarium of about 200 liters with a lot of shelters. It is useful to provide your pet with a variety of “toys” – colored stones, small grottoes, artificial plants, and other decorative elements. The Australian red claw loves to beautify its territory.

Crayfish is compatible with medium-sized, non-aggressive fish. It can only catch very small fish, as well as pluck long fins.

Australian Crayfish Yabbi

The Australian crayfish Yabbi has a better-known name – the Yabbi the destroyer. However, you should not be afraid of such a frightening nickname. It was received by crayfish only for a great love of digging. In nature, this helps the animal to survive drought, but even with the aquarium, the instinct remains.

Crayfish Yabbi can grow up to 20-30 cm in length. He has attractive colors, among which the most popular are various shades of blue.

The Australian crayfish Yabbi is one of the most “intelligent” crayfish, many owners note even some semblance of emotions in this invertebrate. Crayfish’s favorite hobby is landscape design. He will arrange any decorations as he sees fit and will be very unhappy if the aquarist intervenes in this order.

The recommended volume of the aquarium for keeping is from 100 liters. You will need a thick layer of soil and plenty of covers. Males do not get along together; it is better to keep individuals of different genders It can also completely destroy live plants in the aquarium. But the destroyer is indifferent to the Yabbi fish, despite its impressive size.

Blue Cuban Crayfish

Cuban blue crayfish was one of the first crayfish to be kept by aquarists in our country. It has a stunning blue coloration, which unfortunately only appears with age.

In aquariums with a large number of shelters and a volume of 100 liters or more, you can keep a group of these wonderful crustaceans. At the same time, it becomes possible to observe interesting forms of behavior: fights for territory and females, searching for food at the bottom, clumsy attempts to catch swimming fish.

The size of the blue Cuban crayfish is small, rarely which individual grows more than 12 cm. The lifespan is about 3 years.

Crayfish compatibility with fish is ambiguous because they like to hunt their neighbors when they lie at the bottom at night. However, well-fed crayfish rarely commit acts of aggression, but it is better to choose medium-sized and active fish.

California Red Crayfish

A beautiful freshwater crayfish that can be painted in different colors, but bright red individuals are most appreciated. This is a typical swamp inhabitant of Central America, which can be easily kept at home.

The recommended aquarium volume for one California crayfish is 70 liters. The content is single or paired since the males do not tolerate each other. The maximum body size in an aquarium is 10-12 cm (although they can grow twice as large).

It gets along well with fish in a common aquarium, if you feed it on time. Otherwise, if there is a lack of food, it can open the “hunting season” for small or slow individuals. Veil fins are also not to the liking of the crayfish. Reproduction is simple, it will not be difficult to get offspring from a pair of producers.

Mexican Pygmy Crayfish

The popularity of this crayfish is due to two main factors: firstly, it is miniature, adults do not grow more than 5 cm, and secondly, this crayfish is colored in a stunning orange color, which instantly attracts attention.

It is even possible to keep this crayfish in nano aquariums. However, for a couple of individuals, a volume of 50 liters or more is better. A large number of shelters will also be required, where crayfish can hide, for example, during molting or carrying offspring, which is not difficult to get.

Dwarf Mexican crayfish go well with fish and living plants. Sometimes even small neighbors scare these miniature arthropods. Life expectancy in an aquarium is 2-3 years.

Marble Crayfish

The marbled crayfish is one of the most amazing animals. All individuals of these arthropods are females. At the same time, the species reproduces well both in nature and in captivity. The question arises: how do they do it? The answer is quite simple – these crayfish have mastered the ability to create embryos without fertilization. Scientists call this phenomenon parthenogenesis. Such things are often found in small representatives of the subtype, but in decapod crayfish, this phenomenon was noted for the first time.

With its attractive body coloration, reminiscent of the streaks on marble, crayfish have become extremely popular with aquarists. However, when keeping them, one has to face a number of difficulties, for example, where to attach the offspring. Indeed, for reproduction, crayfish does not need a pair, one individual will be enough.

Marble crayfish grows up to 15 cm in length, the optimal volume of the aquarium is from 40 liters.

The hunter’s instinct in this species is well developed, so it can be kept only with a limited number of fish. Crayfish get along well with congeners if there are many shelters in the aquarium.

Florida Blue Crayfish

The main value of the Florida blue crayfish is its body color. It is deep blue, sometimes with purple hues. This is one of the best crayfish for beginners. A pair of animals will need an aquarium of 100 liters or more. The size of adults is 9-10 cm.

They are nocturnal, hiding during the day in shelters, of which it is desirable to arrange as many as possible in the aquarium. It gets along poorly with fish and its own relatives, so a species aquarium is ideal for keeping.

It is possible to obtain and raise offspring at home.

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