Welsh Terrier Breed – Facts and Personality Traits

The Welsh Terrier or “Welshie” is an energetic, happy, playful, confident, independent, and affectionate dog. He is always happy when he sees you and is always ready for a walk or to play with you. He needs lots of love and attention.

The Type of Welsh Terrier

He loves to run around and play with the ball. He even enjoys swimming (he loves water!), but he can also relax and let you pamper him on the couch. He has a very strong urge to hunt animals and must therefore be kept on a leash at all times when you take him outside for a walk. He will confront other dogs if he doesn’t know them and is not trustworthy with other small pets. He is not a dog to be left alone in the garden or in the house.

When bored or ignored, he will bark loudly or start digging pits. The Welsh Terrier wants to be included in your life as much as possible and is completely drawn to their family. He is cheerful and always tries to please them. He is a trainable dog who is very quick to follow the commands you teach him. But sometimes he can also be stubborn and spiteful and get his own way. When training, you need to be calm and patient and make his training as interesting as possible for him.

He is a high-energy dog ​​who almost always wants to be busy and out and about. He seems like he never gets tired! He needs his daily walks as well as the chance to romp around or play his favorite game, Frisbee. He gets along well with older and responsible children and depending on training is also good with smaller children. He is quiet, friendly, and sweet with people he knows and shy and reserved with strangers.

He makes a very good watchdog because he is stubborn and fearless and will bark loudly when a stranger approaches him. Sometimes he can bark too much though. In contrast to other terrier breeds, he is much calmer and generally more self-confident and sensitive. He hardly sheds any hair at all and is a good dog for a well-kept home.

The Appearance of the Breed

The Welsh Terrier is 39 cm tall and weighs 9.5 kg. Its fur consists of an undercoat and wire hair, the so-called English jacket. His coat color is black and tan or black-grey and tan.

Care Instructions

His coat only needs an occasional brushing. It should be cut short every few months. If you hate dog hair in the house, you can brush his fur more often to remove dead hair as quickly as possible.

History of the Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is a very old breed and was first known as the Old English Terrier or the Black and Tan Rough Terrier. It was bred in Wales to scare off badgers, otters, and foxes in the surrounding area.

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