What Food Do Koalas Eat?

Everyone knows that koalas are very lazy – they can sleep from 18 to 22 hours during the day. These marsupials are able to sit for hours without moving, grabbing a branch of a tree. These trees are most often certain types of eucalyptus. Koalas keep singly or, much less often, in small groups. On the back of a mother-koala, you can often see a baby (by the way, the same imperturbable).

What Do Koala Bears Eat?

Koala eating eucalyptus.

When do they come to life and perform at least some actions? Usually, this happens at night or at a moment of danger, when the koala demonstrates its ability to run quickly, jump, and may even swim away from danger. It is at night – at a rare moment of activity – that the koala gets its food. So what does a koala eat?

Koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves. These mammals extract the moisture that they naturally need from the same leaves. These bears drink only during diseases and droughts. By the way, the natives called koalas Kullawains, which means “do not drink”.

The baby koala eats eucalyptus

On a day, a koala can eat about a kilogram of eucalyptus leaves, and she only eats them. It is interesting that the leaves loved by these animals contain a huge amount of toxic and dangerous elements and substances for most animals (phenolic and terpene compounds). But the koala, in some incredible and amazing way, knows how to determine where the least toxic substances are contained, therefore, it eats only some types of eucalyptus.

By the way, such a diet also explains the slowness of these marsupials, since the food that the koala eats is low in protein, and the metabolic rate of these animals is 2 times lower than that of most other mammals.

What Does Koala like to Eat?

Baby koala bear on the tree.

So, koalas eat exclusively eucalyptus and hardly drink. Koala is a unique and very beautiful animal.

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