10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Boxer

The Boxer is an energetic and agile dog. It is an affectionate pet with a sad expression. When he asks for something tasty, it’s hard to refuse him. The publication discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the breed, provides recommendations for future owners.


The physique is athletic, muscular, the muscles are perfectly traced. The hind legs are longer than the front legs, the limbs are long, the whole body is proportionally folded. The muzzle is short, slightly flattened, the ears are concave, if not cropped. The chest is voluminous, the abdominal cavity is clearly expressed. The color is red, brindle, white, brindle with white spots, the coat is short.


A boxer dog has a very friendly and inquisitive nature. She is entirely focused on her family and master, is smart, docile, has a noble temperament, composure, and great patience. This breed has a high level of energy, it is fidgets, necessary for a variety of activities, including training, walking in nature, playing with other dogs and people.

And, at the same time, a boxer should not be outside for a long time, neither in winter when it is too cold, nor in summer when it is too hot. Here is such a contradictory creature. The thing is that in the summer, due to the short muzzle, the dog’s body does not cool properly, and in winter, due to the short coat, it does not keep warm. Because if you have a long walk somewhere, it is better to dress the dog in a special overall.

By the way, if you have a private house and your own yard, and you want the dog to be more outdoors, take care that there is a thick shade, and do not be lazy to water the pet with a hose. On a hot day, he will be happy about it. But in winter he will need to be kept in the house, here without options.


The Boxer dog breed has a short coat but still sheds quite abundantly, as for a coat of such length. You need to brush your dog once a week and bathe at least once a week. The nails are usually trimmed three times a month, the eyes are cleaned daily, and the ears are cleaned three times a week.


The boxer dog breed needs early socialization, training, and training. Animal training is necessary in order to provide the mind with the necessary food since it is not only the body that needs stimulation. Usually, training goes without problems, since the dog is naturally endowed with good intelligence and obedience. Moreover, a boxer is always happy to do a useful job with the owner, which, moreover, can also be interesting.

The only thing that can be advised is to make the classes active, varied, and the breed has a very lively character and a lot of energy. Where is consistency, flexibility, ingenuity, patience, and kindness required? And also, of course, plenty of goodies to reward the animal for the successful completion of the task.


  • Companionable disposition.
  • Animals have a high level of learning. Regular exercise is a guarantee that the dog will be smart and flexible.
  • There are the makings of a security guard.
  • Short hair (this is important because long hair is found all over the house).
  • The pet is distinguished by boundless loyalty.
  • Attachment to children (even the smallest) is observed.


  • Parents should be careful when their children play with the dog. A pet who gets excited can easily push and hurt a child.
  • The Boxer is considered unrestrained towards other dogs.
  • High risk of illness in the cold period (the reason is a short coat). The dog can get sick even during the autumn walk.
  • A pet requires a lot of time and effort from its owner. Without proper attention, the dog will quickly get bored. Maybe even a depressive state. Therefore, too busy people should not get a boxer.
  • Constant activity that is often uncontrollable.
  • The breed is susceptible to cancer. In addition, digestive problems and flatulence are possible.

Recommendations before buying

It is quite difficult to find a dog without proper experience.

Puppy selection rules:

  • You need to know the exact age of the pet. The best option is 1.5-2 months. A younger individual should not be taken.
  • The appearance of the puppy – downed and well-fed. The coat should be shiny and clean.
    It is important that there are no bald patches and various stuck together lumps on the coat.
  • The paws of a healthy puppy are straight, there should be no signs of curvature.
  • Discharge from the eyes, various films, and crust are unacceptable. The required condition of the nose is moist, the eyes should be dark (a charcoal shade is a huge plus).
  • If the tail is docked, then the presence of pus and bruising is unacceptable.
  • A healthy puppy has a cheerful and playful personality. The pet is not afraid of its peers and contact with people.
  • Pedigree plays an important role, so you should look at the parents of the animal. Active and obedient parents are a sign of healthy offspring. If the ancestors were watchmen, then this imprint is necessarily deposited on the puppy.
  • It is necessary to assess the living conditions of the animal (it is important for him to have a spacious room). Individuals, accustomed to crampedness from birth, are initially crammed psychologically. The new one will have to fix this defect for a long time.

The Boxer is a breed that should be started by those people who have a lot of free time. In addition, the animal should be purchased from a reputable nursery.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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