How to Raise a Kitten Correctly?

In this article, we will talk about how to properly raise a kitten so that a well-bred and docile cat or cat will grow from a cute baby.

It should be said right away that along with proper care, a kitten simply needs a good education. If good care allows you to ensure good health through proper nutrition, hygiene and the creation of all the necessary conditions for a full life of the animal, then education plays a key role in how comfortable and harmonious your life with your pet will be.

In the same article, we will give some tips on raising kittens, talk about upbringing and how it manifests itself.

Raising kittens at home

The upbringing process is possible just as long as the kitten is small, it is still being formed as a person, its habits, preferences and lifestyle are not defined. It is simply impossible to bring up an adult pet, therefore, its childhood must not be missed, otherwise, it will be too late to lament that the animal has grown unbearable for life together.

Kittens require attention, care and education for months will allow you to achieve the desired results.

First, do not take a kitten that is too small. At the age of up to 3 months, the kitten is in great need of maternal care and education. The mother cat will teach him all the skills inherent in his genes, show him how to hunt, wash, play and much more. The stage of natural upbringing will help the kitten to get stronger psychologically and be ready to move to a new home, away from mom. Raising a very small kitten is not an easy task.

How to raise a kitten affectionate and tame?

As soon as the kitten appears in your home, the process of upbringing begins immediately. The kitten does not know how to behave in new conditions, so please be patient – it will be a difficult transition period both for the kitten and for yourself because you will have new worries and affairs.

Do not leave the kitten alone with you, remember, this is an animal, it has its own instincts, it is adapted to live in nature, and not in an apartment! Therefore, the kitten needs to be taught how he should behave in the space of your apartment, what is possible and what is not. Believe me, he himself will not guess and will not learn this.

It’s ridiculous when the owners of adult cats and cats complain about the terrible antics of their pets, their revenge and aggressiveness. If an animal behaves in this way, it is the direct fault of its owner.

How to raise a kitten?

This is a tricky question. Start talking to the kitten, while the main thing is the tone of your voice. The kitten may not fully understand your words, but your intonation should tell him that he did something wrong.

But this does not mean that you have to yell at your baby. If you allow yourself an aggressive attitude towards your pet, be prepared to receive the same attitude in return. There is no need to intimidate and shatter the nervous system of the animal.

It is quite obvious that you cannot beat a kitten, so you will grow up an aggressive or intimidated animal with inappropriate behaviour, which, if possible, will take revenge on you for past grievances.

Imagine that a kitten is a child, so it will be easier for you to adapt to the upbringing process and will avoid an unnecessarily hard attitude towards the animal.

The kitten must be disciplined and have a daily schedule of its life. So you can train your pet to order from an early age. The kitten must clearly understand what is allowed and what is not. In this matter, the main thing is your consistency. If you have designated a specific place where the kitten will eat, do not let the animal carry its food to other places. If you notice that the kitten has gone with a piece of food to another place, tell him strictly: “You can’t!” and put it back to where it should be. Repeat this as often as necessary until the kitten understands this rule.

There is nothing more harmful to discipline if you do not support it yourself. So, for example, at some point you want to feed a kitten in your arms at the table, then do not be surprised, let alone shout at him, if next time you find him on the table devouring your dinner. You yourself have violated the boundaries of what is permissible and it will be more difficult to wean a kitten than just maintaining the rules you have defined!

Kitten sleeping place

Now let’s talk about the place of his sleep. It is better if the kitten has its own special place. Many cat owners allow them to sleep with them in bed. According to experts, this is not necessary!
The fact is that your scent is most concentrated on the bed. As a leader for your pet, you must maintain your authority. When you let go to sleep with you, this way you equalize your position with the pet in his eyes. Often, many cats, without asking permission, climb into bed with the owner, without ceremony with him. This only shows that the cat does not respect your authority, and, therefore, she will obey you much worse.

If a kitten comes to you at night, he is scared alone in his crib, take him back to his place and stay with him until he calms down and falls asleep.

Try to create the most comfortable place for him, watch him, is it convenient for him in this crib, maybe it needs to be moved to another place, closer to the battery, or where there is a good view of the room and you are visible. So it will be calmer and more pleasant for him to fall asleep.

In addition, a joint dream with a kitten can threaten with serious troubles: in a dream, you can accidentally crush a kitten, in addition, there were cases when in a dream a person unsuccessfully pushed or moved a cat, and he, frightened, scratched the person in response, getting into the eye with a claw. Such a failure can severely damage vision, leave an eyesore on the cornea for the rest of your life. Even if you cut your pet’s claws, there is no guarantee that you did not miss at least one claw, this may be enough to cause misfortune.

What to sharpen your nails about?

If we are already talking about claws, be sure to buy the kitten a scratching post and show how to use it. Put the paws of the kitten on its surface, let him feel how his claws cling to it, soon he will use it with pleasure and without your help.

If you notice that the scratching post is not enough for him and he is scratching your furniture, forbid him to do this, saying strictly: “You cannot!” and transfer it to the scratching post. Some advice to smear the places of furniture where the kitten played with orange peel, cats really do not like this smell, this can help wean the kitten from spoiling the furniture.

As for your kitten’s toilet

A separate topic is the cat litter box. If you bought a kitten from a professional breeder, then most likely the kitten is already litter-trained. All you need to do is purchase a similar tray and the same litter so that the familiar scent helps the kitten navigate. You just need to show the kitten where the litter box is by placing it there after eating.

The same advice will work for kittens that have not been litter trained in advance, and you will have to do it yourself. Buy a litter box with low borders to make it easier for the little kitten to get inside. Pour litter into the tray. When the kitten has eaten, immediately place the kitten in the tray. The fact is that in small kittens, the need for a bowel movement occurs quickly enough after eating. Rub the filler, instinct will make the kitten dig a hole, and he wants to go to the toilet in it.

Do not scold the kitten too much if he relieves himself somewhere in the apartment. Do not poke his face into a puddle. Wipe it off with a napkin How to raise a kitten affectionate and tame? Place the raising of the kitten and smear the tray with the same napkin. By the smell, the kitten will understand what to do next time. Thoroughly wash the place where he misled with odour-destroying agents.

Keep the tray clean and change the litter regularly to get rid of any dirty areas.

The kitten should have a sleep, rest and play routine, feeding should be strictly on schedule at a certain time.

Feeding the kitten

The kitten’s diet changes as it grows up if at 3 months he needs 5 meals a day, then in six months – 4 times, then two meals a day. Only after 11 months can an adult pet determine for itself when to eat.

Nutrition is very important for a kitten. Balanced and proper nutrition will strengthen your baby’s health and allow him to develop harmoniously. Don’t let the kitten be capricious by forcing you to offer him a choice of dishes. By doing so, you will spoil him.

Of course, food should be not only healthy but also tasty. The joy of a delicious lunch will create a good mood for the kitten.

Games with a kitten

Be sure to play with the kitten. Friendships are established in the game. Do not use your arms and legs to play, otherwise, as an adult pet grows up, it will painfully dig into your body, causing a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Use special toys for the game, these can be balls, fluffy balls, mice, etc. The main thing is that the toy is made of safe materials, does not have small parts that a kitten can swallow.

Do not let the kitten climb over you, clinging to clothes and scratching you, as an adult, you will no longer teach your pet to spoil your things.

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