10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Duck Tolling Retriever

This smallest representative of Retrievers differs in energy, endurance, and special stubbornness. It is difficult to manage such a dog, so it requires early and rigorous training. Duck Tolling Retriever swims well and brings ducks, impressing with their working qualities.


This is a very energetic breed of dog that loves games and attention. So before you buy a Duck Tolling Retriever, make sure you can spend enough time with your tailed friend. Alone and without the necessary amount of attention, the dog begins to wither and behave noisily, trying to attract the attention of the owner.

In a large family, the Duck Tolling Retriever will feel great, he gets along well with children and loves to participate in their fun. But usually, he chooses the only leader to whom he gives most of his love.

Aggression towards people or other dogs Duck Tolling Retriever is extremely rare, they may distrust new acquaintances, but they certainly will not attack. But what you need to prepare in advance, so’s the pursuit of cats. This breed of retrievers just loves to run after them, so you always need to take care of your pet on the street.

Duck Tolling Retriever is well trained and has a high level of intelligence. Because of this, they are often used in professional activities: as rescuers, guides, and even pediatric therapists.

Care and education

Ease of training makes these dogs a great choice for a person first encountering these animals. Training basic teams should not take much time, and the natural desire to please his master provides immediate obedience. Most of the difficulties of education are associated with the activity of this breed, so the owner of the Duck Tolling Retriever needs to pay special attention to some points:

  • start socializing your Duck Tolling Retriever from childhood. Introduce him to other animals and people, will slightly suppress his hunter instinct and make him a more sociable dog,
  • it is also necessary to accustom the tailed friend to a leash from the early period. Even with successful socialization, he will chase cats and small animals in any case,
  • while walking with the Duck Tolling Retriever, it is advisable to run or play physically active games. In this way, it will maintain a beautiful body condition and relax at home,
  • the coat of these dogs is quite thick, so it needs to be combed several times a week. But wash them with shampoo as rarely as possible, ideally only a few times a year,
  • Duck Tolling Retriever does not suffer from any food allergies, so it can eat both dry food and natural foods. It is best to feed him boiled meat, sea fish and give cheese once a week.


  • Retrievers are smart and quick-witted.
  • Loyal to their master and ready to protect him.
  • They are great hunters.
  • Treat children well, get along well with them.
  • Madly love to communicate and play with people.
  • Provided they are properly educated and trained, they become helpers for people with disabilities
  • These dogs have a two-layer coat that allows them to stay in cold water for a long time. They can be kept both in a city apartment and outside the city.


  • Cannot stand long loneliness, begins to behave noisy and unpredictable, tries to attract attention to himself;
  • Prone to stress;
  • You cannot walk without a leash, they are easily carried away in pursuit of everything that they take as prey;
  • Long walks with great physical activity are required;
  • Molt a lot.
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