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10+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Tibetan Spaniel

Decorative dogs are popular due to their attractiveness, miniature size, ease of care. The Tibetan Spaniel is one such pet. If properly educated, the Tibetan Spaniel will become an obedient, loyal friend.


The purpose of the dog has changed dramatically since ancient times when they served at the temple. Today, these four-legged pets are used to create comfort in the home. Experts say that the character of the Tibetan spaniel has also changed. Today he is more of a companion than a watchdog. However, the protective inclinations are still preserved, therefore, on a subconscious level, each Tibbi has a responsibility to the owner, the family. Lack of training is dangerous for dog owners. If the developed intelligence of a puppy is not used for its intended purpose, it is difficult to retrain an adult pet.

A distinctive feature of character is distrust of outsiders. The pet clearly knows its owner. This is how the protective inclinations of a dog are manifested.

Care and maintenance

The Tibetan Spaniel is easy to keep, not picky. The unpretentiousness of the dog allows it to quickly adapt to any conditions, it calmly gets along in the courtyard of a private house, apartment. If in winter the pet has to be taken into the house, in the summer it is “evicted” into the yard, for him, it does not become stressful.

The coat of the Tibetan Spaniel requires special attention. It must be combed out daily, spending at least 5-7 minutes on this lesson. Carefully you need to comb the collar, which stands out in its density against the background of the rest of the wool cover. A haircut is not necessary, it can be at the request of the owner. Also, an important condition for the comfortable maintenance of a Tibetan Spaniel is regular walks in the fresh air. Even if the pet lives in the yard of a private house, it needs to walk outside its territory. Some skip regular walks, the pet becomes less cheerful, active.

How to choose a puppy

It is recommended to choose a puppy at the age of 8-12 weeks. By this time, the breeder must make all the necessary vaccinations, draw up documents. It is not difficult to identify a healthy Tibby puppy – he is cheerful, playful, perky, active. A sluggish state should alert. The easiest way to verify compliance with accepted standards is through documents. Parental certificates are a guarantee of breed purity. It is also worth paying attention to external signs: a flattened muzzle, but the absence of folds, high set ears, oval wide-set eyes, and others.


Tibetan Spaniels are reserved dogs with a strong nervous system and a balanced psyche, which is especially important for families with small children.

  • intelligence and ingenuity;
  • devotion;
  • the ability to get along with other animals and children;
  • lack of aggression;
  • the ability to adapt to weather changes;
  • playful and affectionate disposition;
  • unobtrusive behavior;
  • protective qualities.


  • need for attention;
  • the need to have free space;
  • self-confidence;
  • stubbornness and willfulness.
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Written by Alice White

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