10+ Weird Things Found in the Stomachs of Sharks

Over the past couple of centuries of observation, the most incredible things have fallen into the jaws of the sea monster. So, according to eyewitnesses, in different years important documents, and live turtles, and various relics from the bottom of the sea, and, of course, people were taken out of the belly of the white shark … Alive, of course, no one managed to get out of the stomach of the voracious fish.

In 1821, a whole collection of coins was found in the stomach of a caught shark. As it turned out later, a local fisherman used small coins as a spoon. The shark got into the habit of biting off the bait together with the spoon, which was later caught.

6 pounds of metal in the form of a cannonball was found in the belly of a shark in 1823. Researchers have put forward the idea that the core was tied to the body of the deceased so that he would go safely to the bottom. The shark did not disdain either carrion or the load itself …

Sometimes these predators eat ridiculous things – documents were found in the shark’s stomach. During the war in the United States (1775-1783), the American ship Nancy pretended to be neutral and conducted reconnaissance activities. However, the British sailors who caught the shark declassified the cunning brig. The latter, in some incomprehensible way, swallowed incriminating documents from Nancy. They later became evidence of the ship’s betrayal.

In 1862, there was an incident with a find of a goose in the belly of a shark. The poor man, in all likelihood, was washed into the sea by a storm. A tag was tied to his paw, which bore the address and name of the owner. Finding the owner was not difficult. The victim of the elements and the predator was returned to him, but the owner ate the goose again.

In 1922, a living creature was removed from the shark’s bowels. It turned out to be a huge turtle, which, by a happy coincidence, the predator did not have time to digest. The long-suffering animal after an unfortunate (or happy) incident was named after the famous biblical character Jonah, with a similar fate, and settled in a New York aquarium.

A sad end was found in the stomach of a white shark by a gentleman from New Orleans in 1856. Chronicles of that time note that the dead man, who was removed from the belly of the animal, was wearing new shoes, a silk shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons, and cotton socks. The trousers, apparently, were made of low-quality fabric, since they were digested first …

An undigested hand in the shark’s stomach helped identify the person. In 1935, in Sydney, a terrible find was discovered in the body of a shark – the hand of a man with tattoos. An examination established that the hand belonged to a certain Mr. James Smith. They killed him and threw a corpse into the sea, which was picked up by the shark.

The insides of marine predators hold terrible secrets. In Fiume, in 1887, a shark was caught, opening which, they found men’s feet, shod with boots. Where the rest of the body disappeared is unknown …

But the tiger shark, a relative of the white, can boast of the most terrible “baggage”. In 2001, a huge predator was caught near Australia. Opening her belly, the fishermen discovered a terrible find – 47 buttons, 9 shoes, 3 leather belts, 7 pants … This is all that has survived from the people who were swallowed by the bloodthirsty cannibal.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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