11+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Collie

A nanny dog, elegance embodied – they are all luxurious Collie. An affectionate pet will become a reliable guardian of family comfort and tranquility.


Collies have long and firmly established themselves as ideal nannies for young children. This is a very friendly dog, but you do not see it as all-consuming and even partly obsessive love, like, for example, the golden retriever. The collie will always carry on with calm dignity. Perhaps the shepherd’s instincts in these dogs, which have long ceased to work in their specialty, resulted in a desire to take care of and protect children.

Collies are completely human-oriented and have proven themselves well as service dogs – they are easy to train and willingly follow commands. They make good guides.

Well-bred Collies are distinguished by their tenderness, friendliness, and responsiveness. Collie is an excellent family dog. She loves spending time with children, playing, and looking after them. Collie puppies are usually very inquisitive and playful, they easily make contact with people. If certain qualities are not instilled in the dog from early childhood, then they can be developed, although it is much more difficult to do this with age. Collies are insanely devoted. They are probably ready to sail across the shark-infested sea to rescue their master. But the nature of the collie depends on a number of factors, including heredity, level of training, and socialization.

Care and maintenance

Collie is a rather unpretentious breed, because in their homeland, in the mountains of Scotland, these dogs are in the bosom of nature, running along with herds for many kilometers every day. They tolerate both cold and heat well, are not picky about food, however, being very active and hardy, collies need long walks.

Also, these dogs have one peculiarity: puppies are real rodents. There is a version that when their teeth grow, their gums itch more than in dogs of other breeds, so babies gnaw everything they can reach. So, when taking a puppy, stock up on toys in advance and hide shoes, wires, and other important things.

The long-haired variety requires some care for their luxurious fur – the dog must be combed out so that mats do not form, and after walking in bad weather – wipe the dirt off the coat. In no case should you cut a collie – firstly, it will disfigure them, and secondly, in the heat a shorn dog runs the risk of overheating, because the wool protects not only from the cold but also from the heat. By the way, combed wool can be spun and knitted in very warm clothes.

With a short-haired collie, there are even fewer grooming problems. However, it should be understood that the collie is a fairly large dog, therefore, having opted for this breed, think: do you have enough living space for another tenant?

In addition to caring for the coat, do not forget about the need to care for your pet’s ears and teeth. Check your collie’s ears thoroughly weekly for signs of infection and inflammation. Ears should only be treated with a solution prescribed by a veterinarian. Brushing your teeth regularly can help prevent tartar and bad breath, as well as gum disease and tooth loss.


  • Good health. Collies are unpretentious in treatment and are not prone to serious genetic diseases.
  • Soft, flexible character. The dog prefers to be in society. He loves playing with children, patiently treats their pranks. Loyal to the owner and always happy to meet after parting.
  • Possibility of keeping with other pets. Collie easily gets along with hamsters, parrots, rats, and even cats. Attitude towards pets is at least indifferent.
  • The dog is unpretentious in care. She doesn’t need much attention to her appearance.
  • Easy training. Collie has a developed mind. They are capable of mastering various commands.
  • Weather changes are not terrible. Cold, wind, snow, and rain are not a problem for the breed.


  • Longwool. A dog’s thick hair can shed and tangle. Collies need to be combed out and washed frequently.
  • The animal needs space. The collie will feel bad in the apartment because of the heat, stuffiness, and lack of fresh air.
  • With a dog of this breed, you need to often be outdoors in any weather.
  • The breed is lively and cheerful. If the collie is locked in the house for a long time, the dog may develop health problems. She has to run, jump, play in the air.
  • Without special education, a representative of this breed will become uncontrollable and aggressive.
  • Collie can run away while walking. Therefore, you will have to keep an eye on her.
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