9+ Pros and Cons of Owning a German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer is an agile breed, whose agility and energy can only be envied. It is suitable for hunters and people who lead an active lifestyle. Dogs are very restless and therefore require long walks.


The character of German Shorthaired Pointer possesses rare courage and endurance and is ready to fulfill any task of the owner. He is not only an excellent hunter but also an excellent watchman, reliably guarding the entrusted territory. Representatives of this breed are attached to all family members and become depressed when separated from them. They love children, are non-aggressive, good-natured, despite the fact that they have a very strong character. Among other hunting dogs, the German Shorthaired Pointer is perhaps the noisiest, so from an early age should understand when to bark and when not.

If there are other pets in the house, the German Shorthaired Pointer gets along well with them, but you need to remember that he is, first of all, a hunter, which means that small animals will always be of interest to him. Dogs are endowed with high intelligence, so there are no problems with training. However, like all hunting dogs, they can show a tendency to dominate. Only a person with a strong-willed and strong character who will be able to explain to them who is the boss in the house will be obeyed. It is not recommended to pamper your pet, as it quickly identifies those people to whom you can disobey.

They are distinguished by cleanliness, smart and quick-witted. German Shorthaired Pointers are very active, so it is better to keep them in a private house, where they will have enough space to maintain good physical shape.


The peculiarities of caring for German Shorthaired Pointers – the dogs are unpretentious and hardy, so caring for them is not difficult. From time to time they need to be combed, during molting (3 times a year) this should be done more often. There is no need for water treatments using shampoo, bathing in open water is much more beneficial – it will strengthen the dog physically.

Any climate is suitable for representatives of this breed, they can live on the street until the onset of the first frost. However, in conditions of high physical exertion, humidity, low temperatures, dogs need good bedding and a warm booth. After bathing in a cold pond, the pet must be thoroughly wiped and covered. German Shorthaired Pointers need long walks, so you need to calculate your strength for keeping them. Ideally, such dogs are suitable for active people who will be happy to spend time in the company of a four-legged friend.

Like any other breed, German Shorthaired Pointers have advantages, but there are disadvantages that must be taken into account.


  • Excellent character, affection for all family members.
  • Lack of aggression.
  • High intelligence.
  • Excellent hunting and guard qualities.
  • Unpretentious care.
  • Aesthetic exterior.
  • Good health.


  • Price – not everyone can afford the purchase of a shorthaired pointer.
  • Hardworking and energetic German Shorthaired Pointer requires increased attention, communication, and training. This breed should not be started by retirees, families with small children, and homebodies;
  • Innate energy can affect relationships with other pets.
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Written by Alice White

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