12 Interesting Facts About Geese

Geese are not only birds popular in agriculture, they are also pets for some lovers of these creatures. There are enough differences between wild and domestic geese – they took shape over the years that have passed since the domestication of geese.

  • Like swans, geese are monogamous – they choose a mate for themselves once and for all, at about the age of three. If the partner dies, then the goose’s mourning can last for several years.
  • Defending its nest, a goose can be scary – it can even cripple a person.
  • Leaving the nest for a while, the goose each time disguises it with grass and twigs.
  • To make the nest warmer and more comfortable, the goose plucks out its own down feathers and uses them as a building material.
  • Before the invention of fountain pens, people wrote with quills.
  • Geese are long-lived, they can live up to a quarter of a century.
  • Small goslings are able to swim within 24 hours after birth.
  • The goose is considered a sacred bird in Tibet.
  • Goose feathers are covered with fat, and therefore the water simply rolls off them. This is where the expression “like water off a duck’s back” came from.
  • In the United States, on some cotton plantations, geese are used to weed beds. Geese do not eat cotton, but they pluck out weeds and eat them very effectively.
  • With long-distance flights, a goose flock can rise to a height of up to eight kilometers. The officially registered record is just over 10 kilometers. At such a height, a person without an oxygen mask can no longer breathe, and because of the low pressure, he loses consciousness.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not all geese have red paws – it depends on the breed.
Alice White

Written by Alice White

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