14 Interesting Facts About Bullfinches

Bullfinches are birds, the return of which in the spring is considered a sign of the approach of cold weather, at least this is what the popular omen says. These birds immediately catch the eye thanks to their colorful feathers, and it is they who, quite possibly, wake you up in the morning with their chirping, very reminiscent of the singing of sparrows.

  • The coloration of the bullfinch chicks is almost identical to that of adult birds, with the exception of the “black cap” on the head – in this place new, darker feathers of the chicks grow later.
  • Bullfinches do not live where there are no trees.
  • Bullfinches are fairly easy to tame and live with humans.
  • Bullfinches have a superbly developed ability to imitate different sounds. Some of these birds can memorize and whistle some very complex tunes. All it takes is patience to train the bird.
  • Male bullfinches never take part in building a nest – this is the prerogative of females.
  • The main danger that a bullfinch lurks in captivity is the risk of obesity. These birds do not know how to eat at all.
  • Bullfinches prefer to wind their nests away from human habitation, but they usually choose a low place – on average, no higher than human height.
  • Bullfinch chicks acquire independence already in the third week of life.
  • Only males of bullfinches can boast of a memorable red color of the breasts, while females have brown breasts.
  • In captivity, bullfinches live less than in nature.
  • During the breeding season, male bullfinches appease the females with food offerings.
  • In the event of a threat to the nest, the little bullfinches radically transform, turning into real winged beasts. Unlike many other birds, they will not abandon the nest to fend for themselves but will enter into battle and fight to the last.
  • Despite the fact that most bullfinches live in Eurasia, the largest of them, the barnacle bullfinches, live in the hot Philippines.
  • The weight of an adult bullfinch usually does not exceed thirty grams.
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