14 Pics That Show Norwegian Elkhounds Are The Best Dogs

The Norwegian Elkhound is a cheerful, friendly dog, suitable for family life. Domina guards and gets along well with children. The energetic Elkhund has an independent disposition and self-esteem. A gentle but firm treatment is suitable for him. Thanks to its thick, abundant coat, the Norwegian Elkhound is protected from any bad weather and looks great on the show ring.

#1 Although the Elkhound is a typical northern dog that can work independently and survive in a harsh climate, it is a gentle and sensitive, but at the same time alert friend.

#2 The Norwegian Elk Laika is an energetic, active animal that does not like to lie idle on the couch.

#3 The ideal owner is an athlete, hunter, or a family that loves hiking and outdoor recreation, and regularly plays sports.

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