14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Cane Corso

Cane Corso is the national pride of Italian dog breeding. This breed is focused on protection and protection. Dogs are strong, hardy, and very intelligent. Cane Corso is an excellent bodyguard with an innate sense of territory, fearless, and capable of making independent decisions.

The character of the Cane Corso

This dog has a calm, balanced character. Even to strangers, Corso does not show aggression if he does not feel threatened. But the dog clearly divides everyone into friends and foes. She is in control of the situation, always on guard. Therefore, with any manifestation of aggression from strangers, it fearlessly defends the owner.

Due to the high, the dog is able to distinguish a real threat from a game, it cannot be bribed or distracted. This is a real security guard and bodyguard who takes this matter seriously. But he will not harm a person: he will bark to scare, he can knock down and immobilize, but he does not bite.

Cane Corso is the best pet for families with children. Genetically, their character is based on love for babies and there is a parental instinct. Therefore, the dog will not harm even someone else’s child. And he allows anything, never snapped. The kids take care of and graze, the teenager will become a faithful friend. It also gets along well with pets, makes friends not only with a dog but also with a cat, a parrot. But with other people’s dogs, be on guard: with any manifestation of aggression, he can attack.

When describing the nature of these pets, loyalty to the owner and the whole family is also noted. Emotional contact with a person is very important for Cane Corso, they do not tolerate loneliness and change of owners badly. They are also characterized by the ability to notice a person’s mood and anticipate desires, can cheer. This dog is not intrusive, but it is very important for him to feel useful. He will be happy to accompany the owner, support any game. This is a kind dog, there is no jealousy, selfishness, or aggression in him.

Character flaws include stubbornness and independence. The pet will follow the owner’s commands, but not always immediately. With the wrong upbringing, the dog can strive for leadership, it will become uncontrollable.


Cane Corso is an unpretentious pet, despite its impressive size, it is perfect in a city apartment. Although with a lack of physical activity, he will be bored and can gnaw on things. Therefore, you need to walk with your pet for a long time, preferably in different places, so that he gets new impressions. But until the age of two, these dogs should not be strongly strained by running and jumping, since they have a weak musculoskeletal system.

Keeping a pet is quite expensive due to its appetite, but otherwise, it is not a problem. You just need to know a few features:

  • Cane Corso does not tolerate the cold, therefore, when living in a private house in winter, they need an insulated kennel; during frosts, it is advisable to take a pet indoors;
  • walk for at least 2 hours a day, moreover, during a walk, the dog must actively move, run;
  • comb out the coat once a week with a stiff brush, this will help get rid of dead hairs since these dogs shed all year round;
  • bathe as it gets dirty, no more than once every 1-2 months, after a walk, wash your paws, wipe the wool with a damp cloth;
  • the ears are checked and cleaned weekly with special means to prevent the development of inflammation, they are stopped at an early age;
  • give chewing bones to clean teeth;
  • after eating and drinking, wipe the muzzle with a cloth, as these dogs have increased salivation.


Cane Corso is popular all over the world now. Famous politicians, artists, businessmen give birth to this breed. She has many advantages:

  • stately appearance, attractive;
  • guard qualities;
  • dedication, dedication in protecting him and his property;
  • calm benevolent character;
  • does not bark in vain, gives voice only on command;
  • unpretentious care;
  • there is no dog smell;
  • love for children;
  • thanks to quick wits it is easy to train.


But the Cane Corso is not a dog for everyone. Before starting such a pet, you need to find out about its shortcomings:

  • impressive size;
  • drooling;
  • a lot of feed is required;
  • the tendency to dominate;
  • the need for long walks;
  • high price.
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Written by Alice White

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