15 Facts About Raising and Training a Pug

In the first year of a pug puppy’s life, it is extremely important to go through all the stages of education, socialization, and training. How to do it correctly – we will now tell you.

#1 Puppy training should start from the first days of the dog’s stay in your home.

#2 It is not at all necessary to deal with the puppy only on the street, the first lessons are best done at home, where there are fewer distractions.

#3 The first point is to teach the puppy to go to the toilet for a diaper.

You should not rush to teach to go to the toilet immediately outside, bypassing this stage, because the puppies are physiologically not ready for two walks a day. Such an ability in pug puppies is developed not earlier than 6 months, and in some up to 1 year.

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