15 Amazing Facts About Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs You Might Not Know

Representatives of the breed have a pleasant character: they are open and very sociable dogs. With love, they are all for all family members, but number one for them is still the owner.

The Italian Water Dog takes strangers calmly, albeit with distrust. Aggression and cowardice are considered vices of the breed. Therefore, it is important to carry out timely socialization, to acquaint the puppy with the surrounding world and people.

#1 The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed that started out as a gun-dog but has seen use in other roles as well.

#2 Its current status is particularly impressive because it is an ancient breed, meaning that it has managed to make it through centuries and centuries to make it into the present.

#3 The name of the Lagotto Romagnolo is as literal as it can be. After all, it translates to something along the lines of “lake dog from Romagna,” thus making it both simple and straightforward in nature.

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