15 Historical Facts About Basenjis You Might Not Know

Basenji is a breed of hunting dogs from Africa. Most English clubs classify her like a hound, the American United Kennel Club places her in a greyhound group, and in the International Cynological Federation system, she is ranked as a fifth group, Spitz and primitive types.

#1 This breed was not bred by man but appeared on the African continent a very long time ago.

Credit: Instagram: @leeloobasenji

#2 Images of a lean dog, as well as an extinct greyhound, are found on artifacts dating back to the XII dynasty of the pharaohs of Egypt, who ruled during the Middle Kingdom in the XX-XVIII centuries BC. e.

Credit: Instagram: @leeloobasenji

#3 They were originally kept to hunt small animals, tracking and herding them in the net.

Credit: Instagram: @leeloobasenji

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