15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Poodles

The Poodle is a graceful dog that is remembered by people for its unusual haircuts and natural grace. Few people know that the poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. These cute pets have the intelligence that they inherited from their ancestors, hunting dogs.

#1 Poodles are considered the second most intelligent dogs in the world.

#2 In the army of the French emperor Napoleon, every officer had a poodle.

When wounded, the officer released the dog from the knapsack on his back, where it was, so that it would attract the attention of field doctors with a loud bark (see Interesting facts about Napoleon).

#3 The famous composer Richard Wagner took his poodle to the rehearsal of the orchestra. Hearing a fake note or disharmony in the music, the poodle would start barking.

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