Poodle Mix: The Wonderful Variety of Schnoodles, Siberpoos, Etc

Today, many consciously choose a poodle mix. Read here what distinguishes it and which variants are very popular!

What is a Poodle Mix?

A poodle mix is a hybrid of a poodle and another breed of dog. The fluffy four-legged friends are called Schnoodles, Maltipoos, and Cockapoos. The funny-sounding names give an indication of both parents. Why are the poodles way ahead in designer dogs? This can be explained by the following properties:

  • Allergy-friendly: Poodles do not shed much and are an option for allergy sufferers who want a dog. Whether someone with a dog allergy can actually live under one roof with a mixed breed of poodle cannot be said with any certainty beforehand.
  • Great temperament: The former hunting dogs are known for their docility and their friendly demeanor. In addition, they score with a high level of intelligence.
  • From toy poodle to king poodle: the four-legged friend with curly fur is available in four sizes. Thus, poodle crossbreeds can be arranged with many dog breeds of different stature.

Poodle Mix: Appearance

To narrow down the looks of a mixed breed poodle, it is worth taking a look at the characteristics of a purebred poodle.

  • The society dog comes in four sizes (toy, dwarf, small and large poodle). So there are small and petite poodle mix dogs, but also stately representatives that can grow up to 60 cm.
    The poodle can pass on its monochrome fur, which comes in black, white, brown, gray, or apricot, to its offspring.
  • Whether the fur is puckered depends on which genes dominate. Some mixed-breed poodles have wiry or wavy coats.
  • Poodle eyes come in dark brown and black. If one of the parents has blue eyes – such as a husky – puppies with blue eyes or eyes of different colors are possible.

Poodle Mix: Temperament

The poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds, has a playful nature, and inspires with its friendly nature. Exactly this pleasant character contributed to the fact that many poodle mixes have prevailed among the designer dogs. However, these traits do not necessarily apply to the offspring.

Adopters are well placed when they prepare for a lovable wish bag. One thing is certain: With such a wide range of possible mating partners – from huskies to dachshunds to Chihuahuas – it is impossible to determine a uniform poodle mix temperament.

Poodle Mix: Health

The poodle’s forefather is the barbet. This is a water dog with robust health. Over time, the poodle has become a companion dog, but it is still in good health today. However, his ears are prone to inflammation (otitis) and should therefore be checked regularly. Furthermore, the poodle carries a higher risk for the following diseases:

  • Addison’s disease
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Hip dysplasia

The life expectancy of a mixed breed poodle:

A poodle has a high life expectancy of 12 to 19 years. Poodle crossbreeds can just as easily enjoy a long life. It is important that the puppies come from a responsible breed. There, breeders only mate male and female dogs with no hereditary diseases. In addition – as with all dogs – healthy food and sufficient exercise can have a positive effect on the lifespan.

How Do I Raise a Poodle Mix?

It is possible for a mixed breed poodle to acquire the character and temperament of a poodle. In this case, the hybrid dog quickly understands what his human wants from him and shows himself concentrated and attentive during training. Its weak hunting instinct also makes it easier to walk on a leash and to run free.

Crossing them with four-legged friends who love to hunt, such as huskies or cocker spaniels, can make the upbringing more demanding. There are also more training hours when stubborn dog breeds come into play when mating. If the genes of a dachshund come through in a poodle-dachshund mix, the four-legged friend will often question commands.

Keeping a Mixed Breed Poodle

Many Poodle mix dogs are bright, cooperative, and want to use their clever little heads. These three attributes form the ideal basis for intelligence games! Cognitive exercises can be easily integrated into your own garden, at home, or during daily walks. The walks with a mixed breed poodle are varied and the duration is adapted to the urge to move.

With a balanced balance of rest and activity phases, a poodle appears satisfied and relaxed. Monotonous walks and staying alone for a long time, on the other hand, lead to frustration and undesirable behavior.

Which dog sport is best for a poodle mix?

There are suitable dog sports for every poodle mix. Since their ancestors actively supported hunters in and around the water, swimming is an option for almost all mixed-breed poodles. But that’s not all: Especially the larger representatives and the Doxiepoo with their distinctive sense of smell are ideal for mantrailing.

With a poodle-husky mix, pulling dog sports such as canicross are welcome activities. Even the nimble little ones want to work out. A Bollipoo will certainly not have anything against short agility courses. Dog owners make sure that the elements are adapted to the size of their favorite.

Does a mix of poodles need a garden?

A playful mongrel will certainly enjoy the advantages of a garden and enjoy play sessions on the doorstep. But the poodle scores with extraordinary adaptability. With a varied occupation, he can also find his way around living in an apartment. This also applies to most Poodle Mix dogs.

Maltese Poodle Mix or Maltipoo

The Maltipoo is a hybrid dog breed that is well suited for novice dogs. Its breeding is more advanced than many hybrid dog breeds. This means that puppies are not only created by crossing purebred Poodles and Maltese, but also from two Maltipoos. With a maximum size of 35 cm, it is one of the small poodle mixes. The coat colors of Maltipoos are white, black, brown, and apricot.

Havanese Poodle Mix or Havapoo

Companion dog with a lot of charm: the Poodle-Havanese mix has a friendly nature and is loyal to his family. His intelligence and willingness to learn simplify everyday training. When breeding, a Havanese mates with a toy, dwarf, or standard poodle. This combination results in puppies that can reach a size of 20 to 38 cm in adulthood.

The Bollipoo: A Bolonka Poodle Mix

This cheerful mix is one of the smallest among the poodle mixes. It reaches a maximum shoulder height of 28 cm. Nonetheless, the Bollipoo is an active and enterprising four-legged friend who needs a lot of activity. As a social mixed-breed dog, a poodle and bolonka mix can be socialized with other animals such as cats. With good socialization, the small dog is also agreeable and loving towards fellow dogs.

Dachshund Poodle Mix

A poodle-dachshund mix – also called a doxiepoo – is a small to medium-sized charmer on four paws. Training can be relatively easy if the poodle’s genes prevail. With a stubborn dachshund character, his people often need patience when training. Why is he still a great hybrid dog breed? Quite simply: The Doxiepoo is robust and persistent on walks and loving and affectionate at home.

Bichon-Frisé-Poodle-Mix or Bich Poo

Many Bich Poos charm their humans with their white or apricot-colored fur and their dark brown eyes. In contrast to many poodle crossbreeds, the coat texture of this designer dog is always curly. Since poodles and bichon frisés are among the dog breeds that do not have much hair, their puppies are suitable for allergy sufferers. This hybrid dog breed is suitable as a family dog, companion dog for singles as well as for seniors.

Tibetan Terrier Poodle Mix

In the USA, lovers gave this designer dog the lovable name “Toodle”. He is a medium-sized four-legged friend with a high sense of family and a lively temperament. The Tibetan Terrier has thick and long fur. His offspring can also be blessed with the lush mane. Therefore, brushing and visits to the dog hairdresser are regularly on the program for the fluffy mix.

Chihuahua Poodle Mix or Chipoo

With a poodle-Chihuahua mix, a 20 to 30 cm smaller and lively four-legged friend moves into the house. He can have the courage and confidence of a Chihuahua and be perfect for raising the alarm. But unlike strangers, his relationship with loved ones is full of loyalty, love, and trust. The Chi-Poo – as fans call it – is therefore only in good hands with people with a lot of time.

The Cockapoo: A Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix

Fluffy fur, long floppy ears, and a lovable character – that and much more distinguishes the Cockapoo! This designer dog is also suitable as a therapy dog thanks to its social and pleasant nature. Good to know: Poodle-Cocker-Spaniel mixed breeds come in four sizes. The smallest representatives are about 30 cm small and the largest Cockapoos measure up to 45 cm shoulder height.

Poodle Schnauzer Mix or Schnoodle

The Schnoodle is alert, intelligent, and lively. With these great traits, it’s no wonder the Poodle and Schnauzer mix is a popular hybrid dog. Since there are both breeds of dogs in different sizes, a Schnoodle comes in the “Toy”, “Standard” or “Giant” variant. He is a great fit for active families and enjoys a variety of dog sports.

The Siberpoo: a Mix of Husky and Poodle

Steel-blue eyes, an athletic body, and a thick mane – this is what a poodle and husky mix could look like! This mixed breed dog not only has an interesting appearance but also convinces with his strong character. The Siberpoo – as it is called from the USA – is best suited to people with dog experience who offer it many activities.

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