15 Pit Bull Mixes You Should Love Right Now

Below we have compiled a list of 15 common and not very common Mixed Breed Pit Bull Terrier Puppies. Since these puppies inherit genes from both breeds, there is no guarantee how their temperament or activity level will differ from one dog to the next. As always, it is recommended that you introduce your dogs to family or other pets before bringing them home.

Parenting can be a great option if you work with a lifeguard. Many mixed breed puppies end up in rescue shelters and need a foster home until a permanent home is found forever. If you have the opportunity to adopt first and see how your other pets interact with each other, parenting can be a great option before you decide to adopt your puppy.

#1 Pit Bull + Australian Cattle Dog

#2 Pit Bull + Rottweiler

#3 Pit Bull + Corgi

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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