15 Pros and Cons of Owning English Mastiffs

The confident, persistent, calm, fearless, and loyal dog will suit a person with exactly the same character. English Mastiff requires timely socialization and training. Otherwise, the pet will grow up wayward and distrustful of people.

#1 Despite the physical advantages, English Mastiff are very calm and reserved.

#2 They will never attack anyone without a good reason.

#3 Always ready to protect the owners.

It is not uncommon for the owner of English Mastiff to raise his voice in a dispute with someone, and the animal begins to growl at a potential threat.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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