15 Realities That New Doberman Pinscher Owners Must Accept

The Doberman is a large dog with a muscular, but slender build, giving the impression of a collected, dynamic, active animal. In the judging show evaluation, the harmony of the animal’s constitution and the clarity of the silhouette lines play an important role

Dobermans are distinguished by an active, energetic character, prone to displaying aggression. They have a pronounced protective instinct, both territorial and aimed at protecting a person. Moreover, in the family where this dog lives, Dobermans are friendly and not aggressive towards pets, including children. With proper socialization, these dogs are distinguished by loyalty and obedience to all family members.

In training, Dobermans show intelligence and the ability to quickly master commands, both simple and complex. At the same time, due to the rapid mastering of skills, it is important for the owner to avoid mistakes in the formation of the desired behavior, since the erroneous skill will be established as quickly as the desired one. During training, it is important to remain consistent in the demands of the command and actively give positive reinforcement when the commands are executed correctly.

#1 Just crazy about walking in the fresh air.

#2 He always comes to me when I’m sad.

#3 This is why the bed is not made.

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