15 Reasons Dobermans Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Dobermans are suitable for those who are ready to deal with a dog and spend time with it. This breed suffers if it is left alone and does not participate in the life of the family. It is not suitable for a person who lives alone and disappears for days at work.

The owner of the Doberman must be a strong personality, otherwise, the dog will take on the leading role in the family. Moreover, he can live in an apartment and in a house. But keeping such dogs where the climate is cold is undesirable: they do not tolerate frost well.

If the dog is well-bred and has a healthy psyche, then it gets along well with children, treats them with love, and tries to protect them from dangers. It gets along well with other pets, although experienced breeders do not recommend keeping two Doberman dogs in the same house.

Doberman is a born guard because this is what the breed was bred for. And thanks to the excellent physically.

These dogs have so many great attributes that it’s hard to narrow down the worst. But let’s try.

#1 They really hate being in water.

#2 And hate being with you.

#3 They never sleep because they’re too busy plotting ways to destroy you.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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