Breed Review: English Setter (19 Pics)

Anyone who is looking for a good faithful friend, an assistant in the hunt, an animal that would become a family member pays attention to dogs.

Best suited for this purpose are English Setter dogs. Outwardly, the dog is very attractive, and in relation to the owners, the dog is friendly and affectionate. English Setters are not often brought up to sell.

Most often, the dog starts up as a good helper in the hunt, thanks to a very developed instinct for getting game. In addition, the dog’s loyalty cannot be compared with any other breed, they will be next to the owner in any difficulties and dangers.

In the photo of the English Setter, you can see how cute and cute this species is. We’ll talk more about the English setter later.

#1 The English Setter breed has an average weight of 22-34 kg, height at the withers – an average of 63-67 cm.

#2 For a hunting dog, this is not much at all, but nevertheless, the setter is quite suitable as a hunter’s companion.

#3 The head of the setter is quite proportional to the body, the mouth is rectangular, the width of the jaw is less than the head.

The dog's muzzle is pronounced, the eye sockets and cheekbones are clearly visible. The folds on the muzzle of the setter do not have even lips, the upper lip over the lower one. The teeth are quite strong and folded in a scissor shape, but even teeth are also acceptable and are not considered a deviation.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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