15 Things Only Australian Shepherd Owners Will Understand

These pets are well suited for living on the territory of a private house – the opportunity to be outdoors, to have a certain level of activity throughout the day, as well as a fairly thick coat, allow the dog to stay warm even in winter frosts. Another thing is that one should not expect a dog of the Aussie breed to perform guard and protective functions on an equal basis with, say, an Alabai.

The point here is not only in physical data but also in natural inclinations because Aussies are much more friendly dogs, including in relation to strangers. Other animals are perceived normally, they treat children well, which is facilitated by the innate instinct of a shepherd dog, which watches over its herd and is ready to give its life for it. As a watchman who is able to raise the alarm and try to stop intruders, the Aussie can be used. Also, it is a great companion for a person of any age and family status.

#1 A productive morning!

#2 When do we play ball, dad?

#3 She still has as much energy as a two-year-old child.

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